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Jan 23, 2008 10:34 AM

Dram Shop

I was on 9th street today and noticed a menu posted in the window of this new place. It's tiny--maybe five items--with a burger. The burger is $9 without fries, and the fries are $6. They're hand cut and come with a dipping sauce, but still, $6? Does that seem high or am I just not keeping up with the price of fries these days?

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  1. probably has to be high to pay for the high rent.

    i am a scotch guy but i just have issues going to a new bar when there's nothing wrong with the gate.

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      I haven't been to Dram yet (will check it out this week), but if these prices are true it's confirmation of a really disturbing trend. The unsustainable high commercial rents are already starting to kill this neighborhood. It's really sad when new places have to charge this much. That's more than a Stone Park burger. Add in $3 or $4 and that's an Al di La entree. And, hey, I love a bar burger as much as the next guy, but throw in two beers and that's a $30 snack (without tip) that I could have at home for less than $10. The number of people going out in Park Slope is not increasing at the same rate as the rents. Unfortunately, there are going to be a lot of empty storefronts in our future, just as there were 5 or 6 years ago.

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        Walked by briefly today while doing errands, and I thought that the menu stated that the $9 burger does come with fries. Fries on their own were $6. Perhaps a large portion? Let's try to report correctly.

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          I don't think it says the burger comes with fries on the menu posted in the window. If it did, I wouldn't have bothered to post.

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        This place has about twenty different types of both scotch and Bourbon.. Very nice selections here..Probably the best in the slope

      3. I went to the dram shop last Friday night and didn't love it. It was late so I didn't eat, just had a couple of drinks. Their $8 house cabernet was pretty atrocious and the late 80's music didn't quite fit the vibe. The bartender said the wings were great, but the two guys sitting next to me shared a plate and said that they were "nothing special".

        Commonwealth and Royale are closer to me - and a lot more fun too.

        1. I went in there for lunch about a week ago, and I too balked, at first, at the $9-sans-fries price. But I was having a tremendous burger jones at the time, so I figured, what the hell. I ordered just the burger, and--I dunno if it was just the cook feeling generous or if it was lunchtime or whatever--the burger came served on top of a rather spectacular amount of fries, even tho I didn't order a side of em. In terms of the quality: the burger was FANTASTIC, kind of like a great homemade big mac sorta thing, and a little like the Schack burgers in terms of the patties (tho regular-sized, not slider-sized). The fries were fine, in a kind of average-good-handcut-fries kind of way, but not amazing in any way. So I guess I'd say the burger is worth the price (even if served w/o fries), but I definitely wouldn't spend $6 on a plate of their fries. In terms of the other aspects of the bar, they seemed to have a fairly good amber-fluids selection, but nothing matching the wonderfulness of Fette Sau's bar, and most of the more interesting whiskeys were super-expensive, way out of my price range. I'd go there for the burger, but not much else, I guess. And the best burger in Park Slope award still, in my book, goes to Johnny Mack's, even if the rest of their food is pretty loathsome.

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          1. re: satsuma76

            we were there last night. the $9 burger comes with fries. the fries are $6 if you order them solo. decent whiskey/scotch list. decent beers on tap. we had already eaten but i'd like to give the burger and wings a try here soon.

            ps - commonwealth and el royale are closer to me too. completely different styles of bars. dram was doing about 10 x's more business than i've ever seen the other two, for whatever that's worth.

            1. re: TBird

              finally gave the burger AND FRIES a shot. by far, the best BAR burger in the slope. and they give you ALOT of (kick arse!)fries with garlic aioli, house made ranch & chipoltle mayo. teamed with sixpoint borwnstone ale and the yankees game, it's a no brainer. love 'em!

          2. The burger does come with fries....the burger is GRRRRRRRRRRREAT! So YUMMY!

            1. Burger is $9 and comes with fries. It is actually very plainly written on the menu that way. The burger is a healthy double and there is no charge for cheese.

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              1. re: bklyndude

                I checked the menu again today. It says burger with lettuce, tomato etc. not fries. Fries are listed seperately and are now $5 not $6. I haven't been inside so I don't know what the menu says at the tables.

                1. re: Claire

                  I guess they have two menus. The one I got said fries with the hamburger. I ordered a hamburger and there they were, "FRIES"! Go figure!

                    1. re: Claire

                      the burger is fastly becoming my favorite bar burger. in the city...