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Jan 23, 2008 10:27 AM


Why is it that so many people loath true licorice? (not red licorice; I secretly cringe when people say that)

I am very fond of some licorice things: good and plenty's, allsorts the round ones are amazing!.

Is this a generational thing? Was it extremely popular and now most younger people don't enjoy it? Is it still popular in England? Has there always been a love it or loath it reaction?

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  1. I love licorice and my husband and kids loathe it. My dad and mom like licorice but nobody else I know does. I look at it as their loss not mine. I actually found some licorice tea that was delicious. BTW- licorice is great to settle an upset stomach,,, some health food stores will sell licorice root and you make a great tea with it and drink it- it really does work for upset stomachs and a whole list of other ailments... The less everyone else eats just means the more for me to eat!
    Your right- I too cringe when I hear people call that red crap licorice... thats just strawberry flavored fructose goo.

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      I love licorice and have no problem with it however, there can be side effects also for people with heart disease, high blood presure, diabetes, and pregnant women and these folks should consult a doctor before consuming it as a herbal/health supplement.

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        Here's more info about the benefits and risks of licorice.

        A few pros it might help if quitting smoking since it is used to flavor a lot of cigarettes. It can also help arthritis.

        But as mentioned ... it can cause problems.

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      jfood is a big black licorice fan. Look at the bright side, all that black salt water taffy is yours, all the black jelly bellies and when you bring to a movie theatre nobody asks for any. It is one of those safe little goodies that even if you offer, you can confidently smile to yourself, that the last bite will be yours. Unfortunately the old standby for jfood, Nibs, have changed over the years. Not as good as they used to be.

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          Jelly Bellies licorice pastels.

          Wonderful chewy licorice with a light crunchy pastel exterior.
          Have them in my desk at the office, in the pantry at home.
          And they're all mine!

      1. My favorites are double salted licorice (Dutch) and licorice toffee from England. I think it is very much a love it or hate it sort of flavor. Not a fan of licorice all sorts or hard licorice candies. I once bought a jar of licorice root in France, but have yet to figure out what to do with it.

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          I'm a huge licorice fan too, but the Dutch double salted mention recalls a funny/sad story. The Spouse doesn't care for licorice but, knowing how much I love it, wanted to be very sweet to me. He ordered 2 kilos of a "very special" licorice that had to be good because it was imported and expensive. Unfortunately, he's not particularly good with languages and had no idea what "dubbel zout" meant. While I may love licorice I loathe salt and couldn't even choke any down just to be polite. I know, I really tried.

          Poor guy, He meant so well and I really appreciated it but to me the stuff was just inedible. We ended up having to throw it away because we couldn't even find anyone willing to take it off our hands.

        2. Licorice is like fruitcake: love it or hate it. I think things with strong tastes invite that kind of divisiveness. I have a small circle of licorice buddies, and another one of fruitcake buddies. We ship samples of new discoveries to each other, like a secret society, and laugh at those too unhip to appreciate our particular vice! ;-)

          1. I'm with you! My dad and I are the only one's who like Licorice. My boyfriend, brothers and roomate are grossed out when eat it. However, I agree with the consensus: their loss!