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Jan 23, 2008 10:19 AM

Nice Restaurant with Private room in Toronto?

I'll be in Toronto for a conference in May and my company needs a reccomendation for some nice restaurants, ones that preferably have a separate area where we can have a business/dinner. There will be about 15-20 people. Any suggestions?


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  1. Subject to your final number, Oro may be a viable option (their private room seats 16). I haven't been, but have heard good things about it (since the change in ownership). I'm having dinner in the private room this weekend, so will let you know what I think. Their website is under construction, but you can check them out on Dine TO:

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      Did a private dinner upstairs at Oro end of November with the new owner. There's 2 smaller room downstairs, a small room upstairs and a larger room that will take up to 70 upstairs. We had 19; he closed off half the large room for us with movable dividers and we did one long communal table, it was great.

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        Had our meal at Oro on Sat, and am just reporting back, as promised... Was good, but not as great as I expected. My carpaccio was distinctly mediocre. My scallop risotto was much better (the risotto was actually quite fabulous, but the scallops merely good). My SO had the lamb done four ways, which I sampled; it was quite divine and I would highly recommend it. Two others in the party had the lamb shank off the Winterlicious menu, and reported that it was overly salty and not great. A couple of people had the whole fish and enjoyed it. Overall, the food was good but not earth shattering. I'm not sure I'd rush back.

      2. I love the rooms at Splendido and Chiado personally. Almost all of the top flight restaurant here have private rooms.

        88 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1G5, CA

        864 College Street West, Toronto, ON M6H 1A3, CA

        1. Boba has an exceptionally nice private room on the second floor which also includes a bar.

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            Bistro 990 has a private room on the second floor as well, perhaps too large for 20 people but you could call them to find out the particulars.

          2. I would recommend Chiado and Adega. Both have beautiful private wine cellar rooms that seat up to 20. Great for business dinners. There's another recent thread on this board where the poster ended up at the Chiado private room and reported that it was a great evening.

            1. SDS, what's your budget and cuisine-preference? Could you please shoot me a quick email at: Thanks! :)

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                Oh, and I second the rec for Rosewater below, a grand-feeling space.

                La Maquette has an amazing solarium that overlooks a garden & waterfall (although I think the solarium isn't usually used for private functions, they have a separate room for that). They probably have the most variation in menu price points.

                Crush also has a couple rooms and a semi-private area.

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                  Budget is a non-issue, since its a company function and no specific cuisine preference. Turns out it will only be ~10 people, so someplace that is open on Sunday night, has a private place for dinner with great food and wine! So far, Splendido looks like its the only place that is open on Sunday nights...

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                    SDS, I don't work for any restaurants, but if you like, I think I can help you out in finding a place. Not sure I'm allowed to do it here though, so pls send me a note if you're interested. Otherwise, I'm sure Jamie K's rec below is a good one, he seems to really know his stufff!