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Jan 23, 2008 10:14 AM


any bakeries (or other) that sell good baguettes?

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  1. I find the Balthazar ones reasonably reliable and available at various markets - my local one, Murrays, as well as a place on Lex, just north of 87th Street.

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      I buy the Balthazar baguette as well. Fairway carries them. I also find that Gourmet Garage baguettes are pretty good (though not as good as Balthazar).

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        I feel like a complete ditz - but - the one at my local market, which is called "Murphys", is from Tom Cat bakery and is much better than the Balthazar one, which I do buy at various markets. I just realized I screwed up posting about it when I bought one yesterday afternoon.

      2. apologies for recommending something not in manhattan, but i think this place makes fantastic baguettes (they got the thumbs up by my friends from paris, too).

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          Do you know if they sell them anywhere in Manhattan?

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            these baguettes are the best looking ones I've seen in New York since I moved here 2 months ago (that's not saying much, I know). I chatted with the owner on my last visit (the viennoiserie looks great, I only tried a donut that wasn't worth the calories) and he said they were beginning to explore some wholesale business.

            I never really liked Balthazar's bread offering, but will give them another try.

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            Since I work just a few blocks from this place, no need to apologize. I am going to check it out. Thanks!

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              There's an American who moved to Paris years ago, really studied traditional bread making and taught the French to return to quality bread baking. He's been bestowed with honors by the French, so you know he must be good. He came here (I think last year) and said the this place has the best baguettes in America! and I agree. We some times go there and I'll eat half a baguette before we even reach the Brooklyn Bridge. Definitely worth the trip.

            2. I've only had the Balthazar baguette from Fairway and found it very inconsistent. Sometimes good, sometimes not at all. I've had much greater success with Fairway's own brand, which comes hot out of the oven a few times a day and it's not at all unusual to be able to get a warm one. Also, although I don't care for much else there, the baguette at Le Pain Quotidien is excellent, right up there with some of the best I've had in the city.

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                I always feel the baguettes first - through the bag, of course - tends to be a reliable indicator. I'll have to try LPQ.

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                  hee hee. I do that too. :) Maybe I've had luck at Fairway because I shop really early in the a.m. -- I've always hoped that meant I get the freshest bread since I often see the workers loading the shelves with it.

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                  oh good im very close to a le pain quotidien

                3. The BEST baguette in NYC is on Sullivan Street. Used to be Sullivan Street Bakery, now called Grandaisy Bakery. They sell to many top restaurants.

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                    Maybe it's time to try it again. But the crust on the Sullivan Street baguette never did if for me. The taste of the bread was indeed fine, but the crust just didn't have that crackly brittleness that I hope for when I first bite into a baguette. Perhaps they've improved it since the early days. And now that the new Grandaisy is in my nabe, it'll be easy enough to check out.

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                      I stopped in there last week and tried a couple of things. the bread was decent, but not all that. a good enough ciabatta. a lot of their stuff was made with sourdough starters, so there weren't a lot of flavor options at the end of the day.

                      nice little thin crust pizza that they sell by the slice - similar to the way I've enjoyed it in Italian bakeries

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                        Did you try the Pugliese bread? I think that's one of the best breads in town. And I agree on the good enough ciabatta. The only other bread I've had from them is the walnut and raisin that's available in both loaves and rolls and is called a Pan Co'santi. It's more a slice of breakfast than a loaf of bread, but I do like it for that

                        I'm really sorry this thread wasn't started a few days earlier. I get my hair cut not that far from Almondine and was there this past Monday. Oh, well. Next time for sure.

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                          I really like their Pugliese too and have the same problem as MB about sourdough - not a fan and sometimes have trouble finding non-sourdough baguettes (i.e., at Citarella - though I also like their Pugliese). I've had some great bread from the Blue Ribbon Market (on Downing?) - but it's been awhile and I don't remember what kind of bread.

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                            I could be wrong about this, but I think the Pugliese at both Citarella and Zabar's is the Sullivan Street Pugliese. Until a couple of years ago, it was at Fairway as well, But Fairway changed their supplier; I don't think either Citarella or Zabar's did.

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                              They do look the same - and I wondered about that as I was posting. Unlike Dean & Deluca, I don't think Citarella indicates where their breads are made.

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                                Citarella no longer carries the Sullivan Street breads. Or at least this is what I was told when I asked a few months back. Zabar's still carries a few of their breads.

                                One of my best ever in NYC baguettes was from Terranova in the Bronx.