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Jan 23, 2008 10:01 AM

Star Manti – Turkish in Delran

This small restaurant is in a strip mall on the east side of Rte 130 (4000 Rte 130 North in the Heritage Square Plaza. There is another Turkish restaurant in the same strip mall. I haven’t tried it yet but my wife tells me Star Manti is better) The appetizer plate, not listed in their on-line menu is outstanding. It varies, but when we had it last weekend, it included outstanding fresh humus, luscious sautéed spinach, good stuffed grape leaves and stuffed cabbage (same size as the grape leaves), fried mixed vegetables with garlic and yogurt, and delicious fried eggplant with tomatoes and garlic, all on a bed of romaine lettuce. Very good middle eastern appetizers, as good as you’ll find in NJ. I also had the daily special, beef stew on bulgar wheat which was fine but not extraordinary. Previously I’ve tried the manti, which I also enjoyed. Manti is a homemade ground beef ravioli-sized dumpling served with garlic and yogurt. For dessert very tasty baklava, wonderful flaky philo dough, sweet but not sickening, tastes like honey not corn syrup. We also tried a good semolina pudding with chocolate sauce. You may expect kebab at a Turkish restaurant but you won’t find it here. This is a small family run place (about 9 tables) with very friendly staff. I wish I lived closer. Highly recommended.

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  1. thank you for the head up.

    Did you try the coffee? I'd l like to find real turkish coffee made in a cezve (ibrik).

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    1. re: rockhopper

      I like Turkish coffee too, but have not tried it here. It is on the menu.

    2. Star Manti have the real Turkish coffee made in cezve, I recommend it, if you are a coffee fan.

      They also have amazing pastry in Star Manti and they have make them fresh every morning; it is really good with their tea.

      1. You should check out Star Manti's new menu, they have amazing kebabs!