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Jan 23, 2008 09:49 AM

Recommendations in the Berkshires

A NJ transplant here for a great ski weekend. Staying in North Adams, MA (near Williamstown), and hoping for some great local places to eat.

Any recommendations?

Good breweries or fun bars would be good too.

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  1. We like Mezze (W'town), your choice of dining room or bar room (not a "fun" bar, but fun to be there and food is good). Dinner only.

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    1. re: BerkshireTsarina

      Wow. Cheap (for me) drinks, it seems. And an innovative menu. But I think my ski pals are looking for a more local feel/flair. Numerous draft beers, burgers, etc.

      1. re: aacharya

        Pittsfield Brewworks!!!!! It's not too far from N. Adams, and so so worth the trip. Every other Wednesday is Trivia night, and it's packed and fun and warm.
        Their beer is wonderful, they've got the BEST fried mushrooms ever (killer beer batter) and they even donate a portion of their sales to the local Humane Society.

      1. I also can recommend the Pittsfield Brewworks. Excellent beer, good food that has a nice homemade quality, and a fun atmosphere. Also a lot less expensive than other places around.