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Jan 23, 2008 09:46 AM

Ideas Needed for Dinner Party: cooking at the table

I want to throw a dinner party where some of the cooking happens at the table. Yes, I know that's weird, but it's based on an in-joke for a friend.

Anyway, all i can come up with is fondue. Is there any there kind of at-the-table cooking I'm missing?


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  1. Quite a few years ago I ate a Japanese restaurant and while I don't remember specifics it was a huge pot of simmering broth to which we added our beef and veggies and maybe noodles (very long time ago).

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      That may have been sukiyaki.

      Another Japanese style dish is yakitori, a small hibachi cooking meat/fish/poultry/veggies on a stick. Be careful with ventilation.

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        Cooking meats, vegetables, etc. in a pot of simmering broth at the table is shabu shabu (Japanese) or Mongolian hot pot (Chinese). Yum, great for cold winter nights.

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        There are quite a few variations on this:

        It's great in winter.

      3. My father always used to make sukiyaki at the table in a large electric skillet.

        1. Shabu Shabu is cooked at the table - I am not a Japanese food expert but basically it's thinly sliced beef, shrimp, etc. cooked in broth by the diners themselves at the table. My mom also adds udon and tofu and vegetables to the broth, and serves a couple dipping sauces alongside for the cooked protein, plus rice. I have no idea if that is the authentic way to do it.

          Korean BBQ is also cooked at the table (at least at the Korean restaurants I've been to). Again, I am not an expert but perhaps others know.

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            omg you guys are awesome!!! thanks so much for the ideas....

            1. not sure if this counts as cooking, but there's also raclette. info and great pic here:

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                That's a nice idea - and one can rent raclette makers, though I usually melt the cheese (Swiss, not the French, which isn't nearly as good) over boiled potatoes under the broiler.