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Jan 23, 2008 09:35 AM

Green Tea Matcha in NoHo?

Are there any places to buy green tea (or other) matcha in North Hollywood/Studio City area? I tried Trader Joe's (the one in Hollywood) and didn't see any. Do regular grocery stores sell it or do I need to find a specialty shop?

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  1. Try WHole Foods, Gelson's and 99 Ranch Market.

    ooh, 99 Ranch is on Sepulveda and Victory in Van Nuys.

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      Hmmmm. What else can I say it's an amazing drink and totally kicked my coffee habit. This website has some good information and videos: . I recently ordered from the guy and he's really personable and knows his stuff. One of his reps from LA (Im in LA) actually met me and gave me my order personally.

      ....Buyer beware when it comes to Matcha! Here's what I know....Matcha is a highly specialized, stone ground green tea. It is very difficult to find and usually only sold in a few Japanese specialty shops.....even then it is difficult to find....and you still must sort out the junk from the true quality.

      You must look for a bright green jewel toned powder from a reputable company. There are different grades of Matcha....and the taste and
      "buzz" you get from the matcha depends on the grade and quality.

      Trader Joe's sells a very cheap version mixed with powdered milk substitute. That is definitely not worth your time. Whole Foods does not sell it to the consumer, but has recently added it to their coffee counter. However, beware, it is not very high quality either and they are keeping the plastic container of it right out in the light and not in a cool, dark place (the refridgerator) which is further degrading it's quality.

      Matcha must be treated with care. The true matcha is slowly stone ground so that no heat can ruin the quality of the tender leaves. Then it shold be stored in the refridgerator in an airtight container.

      It can be considered a raw food (mixed with raw rice milk or young coconut the entire drink can be "raw". The matcha powder consists of the contents of the entire green tea leaf and when you drink it, you are consuming all the benefits of the plant.....

      I LOVE IT!