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Jan 23, 2008 09:08 AM

Sushi Hana Lake Falls--MD


Can I tell you how jazzed I am that Sushi Hana opened their second location in beautiful Mount Washington? It's been open for about a week (in the Panda Chinese Restaurant space) in the Lake Falls Shopping Center at the corner of Falls and Lake. Just another addition to the restaurants coming over to this side of town (like Jasmine Asian Bistro in Quarry Lake).

Has anybody been to the new location yet? I'm going tonight, so I hope it serves up the same good sushi that has made Sushi Hana's Towson reputation!

Here's their website, for those of you not in the know:

I'll report back tomorrow!


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  1. You will love it. It's smaller and more intimate than the Towson version with lots of beautiful wood. Service is great as is the food. No liquor license yet so BYOB if you want. It may be crowded so you might consider making a reservation! Enjoy!

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    1. re: ali123

      Oh MY Goodness!

      I DID love it! It is smaller, and very crowded. And like any other time when you're trying out your new digs, there was controlled chaos. But in time, those bugs will be worked out, and it will shine beautifully just like the Towson location.

      Thanks for the heads-up re: no liquor license. Brought the beer! Same great sushi, same great people. And it looked like that a lot of the people in the dining room had been waiting for this location to open. It was one big happy reunion.

      DEFINITELY the go-to place for sushi in Mount Washington.

    2. I went last night for dinner and it was fantastic. The atmosphere is definitely more cozy than the Towson space. The service was attentive and friendly, and the staff seemed very excited to have a crowd there. I ordered what I normally order at the Towson location and it tasted the same, if not better. S fresh! I am thrilled to have this right near my condo. I do feel badly for Chiyo Sushi, however, which will certainly take a hit since Sushi Hana really is superior.

      1. We went tonight (Sunday) and did not feel it is any better than many of the sushi places around. The rolls were too big (maybe the maki could be cut into 8 pieces instead of 6) and the fish on the nigiri was sliced to thick as well. I think this betrays the balance that is supposed to be inherent to sushi.

        Also, the ginger dressing on the salad had way too much vinegar. Service was mediocre and it was very loud. They need to soften it in there.

        For us, Matsuri remains the best sushi in Baltimore (city or county).

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          Matsuri is my favorite but since I live close to the new Sushi Hana I might check it out.

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            u're right i felt like i went to seafood market...and i would say it was a ginger sugar dressing.. if you don't care with the noise it's a very nice place...but not classy atmosphere

          2. We went on Friday 1/25. The sushi was delicious, but the pieces were too large. As is the case with Hana in Towson, there were so many children there- the place was way too loud. If we go back, it will only be for carry-out. We will probably stick with Chiyo sushi in Mt. Washington for sit-down dinners, just too many loud screaming kids for us to take.