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Jan 23, 2008 09:00 AM

Napa Dinner this Saturday night - last minute!

Any recommendations for somewhere for dinner this Saturday - I know getting reservations will be sketchy, but my friend is going to try. Any kind of cuisine, something that makes me feel like I am in CA and has some vegetarian options.

We've been to French Laundry and Bouchon.

Thanks for considering this desparate last minute request

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  1. I ate at Ubuntu last week and had a wonderful meal. It's a "vegetable restaurant" with great local food sources. The cauliflower pot (I'm normally not a huge fan) and cheesecake in a jar are heavenly. Also Ad Hoc can take vegetarian requests if you call in advance. Good Luck!

    1. Don't forget to check Open Table for availability.

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        Yeah, according to Open Table, most places have some availability (and most places have more tables available at different times than show on Open Table). People have been raving about Ubuntu, though, so if you're at all interested in vegetarian cuisine, you should check it out (and you'll definitely feel like you're in California).

      2. Had a delicious dinner (through some last minute reservations) last Saturday night at FARM at the Carneros Inn. The food was interesting, delicious and very fresh and the service was perfect.

        1. Ubuntu would be the obvious choice if you don't mind an all vegetarian option - otherwise I would consider Pilar who does amazing things with vegetables...

          1. Ubuntu.
            I am not a vegetarian. The dining companion I was w/both times is also not a vegetarian. It's great! We both loved it and d.c. has been back w/others who also not veggies and they loved it.You will definitely feel like you are in California.