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Aug 14, 2001 03:14 AM

Tito's Tacos

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I found out about Tito's Tacos from AOL keyword cheapeats. Tito's is in Culver City and it has the best tacos I've ever had. I went there Saturday around 7pm. The lines were so long I didn't get to order until 7:20. I had a taco and an all meat burrito. The burrito is made of spicy beef and it was awesome. The tacos were made of beef and were great with the real cheddar they used. Tito's doesn't serve chicken at all.

For two tacos and the burrito is was about $5.50. A great deal for the amount and quality of food. It was well worth the wait.

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  1. Used to officiate tennis in Southern California with a woman who would rave about Tito's every time we drove by it. Told a story about how her two kids refused to eat the Thanksgiving turkey one year and, when asked by both parents what they wanted to eat, said tacos from Tito's.

    Always loved the story but, being a bit of a snob, took it with a grain of salt. So after years of driving by and noticing the long lines at all hours, finally went in.

    To make a long story short - it's everything you (and she) said it was. Simply terrific and a real treat on the Westside.

    1. Just thought you may be interested in the debate this humble little taco stand stirred up a few weeks ago.


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      1. Ah, Tito's again. The Grubs lived 5 mins from Tito's for more than 10 years & have eaten Tito's chow on innumerable family-driven occasions. As Mex-Amer food goes, it is indeed very good, several cuts above Taco Bell, El Torito, Acapulco, for instance.

        But as a desination resort for Mexican food? Sorry, not even close. Better choices: any roach coach at virtually any work site in the region, anything at Grand Central Market downtown or El Mercado in East LA, or for stands, any Burrito King or my favorite, a Grubolicious burrito at Chabelita (Western & 20th, just N of SM Fwy). Viva el chow.

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          Of my East LA wanders, the truest and greatest taco, better than anything I've had at Grand Central or the Mercado, is the Antonijiro Denise's on Olympic. (Its cousin in Hollywood is truly fine, and would have won my soul over, were it not for the taste of the Original True.) Carnitas, chicharon, lonja, cabeza, al pastor.

          Near the Tito's area, there's a few Oaxacan places that are pretty fine. One on Washington a flew blocks west - El Sazon Oaxecqueno, I think? and one on Santa Monica on the same block as the 50's cafe. Very fine. Aguila is the name? I might be totally wrong.

          Diverging from the exact country, but close in soul the Tito's, is Empanada's Place, for the crunchy-fried on the outside, savor on the inside. It now has beat out Tito's for when I gots the *need* for crunch and grease, and I'm in that part of town. Corner of Venice and Sawtelle, about a block and a half from Tito's.


        2. Tito's?...Okay, maybe for the burritos, with the JalapeƱo salsa, but for tacos? You must go to the taqueria next to Don Felix's Carneceria on the corner of Sawtelle and Washington!

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          1. re: michael

            heck yes, don felix has some damn good al pastor tacos. mmm!

            1. re: michael

              Don Felix simply serves the FINEST tacos in Los Angeles.

            2. Ad: Tacos

              Authentic? No.

              Unique? Without a doubt.

              Worth a trip? Every time.