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Jan 23, 2008 08:55 AM

Proof or PS7s??

My wife and I and another couple are going to a Caps game in a couple weeks at the Verizon Center. We'd like to grab a bite to eat and some drinks before the game. I've narrowed it down to these 2 restaurants. We're not a bunch of wine-o's, actually prefer mixed drinks and like all types of food. I do like the idea of trying a variety of smaller dishes, so I'm wondering if I should lean towards Proof. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I ate at Proof Monday night - sat in the bar area. Yes, their wine list is extensive but they had some very interesting cocktails on their list as well. My friend and I split the baby lettuce salad, the garlic/chickpea flatbread and a 1/2 portion of the Yukon Gold gnocchi - all were excellent. I liked that we could order 1/2 portions of some of the dishes. Oh, and dessert - the sticky toffee pudding cake. Divine.

    Go Caps!

    1. PS7 has some great cocktails too- i think their bartender was in the Post a while ago. They have some sort of beet martini concoction that is to DIE for.

      1. You can do small plates/apps at PS7 as well. And since you like mixed drinks this might be the way to go since they have an awesome bartender there. Some of the best small plates (the tuna tartar sliders and mini half smokes) are on the regular menu but also their great lounge menu. If it's around happy hour you can also get the food on the cheap. :)

        1. My vote goes to PS7s, too. Their cocktails are not only delicious and cheap during happy hour, but they are very fresh. For example, instead of using Rose's lime juice, they use a homemade concoction of simple syrup mixed with fresh lime juice. It makes the best gimlet ever.

          And their bar food is so wonderful. Those tuna sliders are my favorite tuna dish ever.

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            How busy does it get around happy hour, particularly on a Friday? I'd like for the 4 of us to just go and find a table at the bar, but if it gets too crowded, I may want to make a reservation.

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              It's not too bad. I've never gone and had to stand - though I do tend to go during the week. It might be worth asking if they will reserve you a table at the bar.

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                You should make a reservation...it was a mad house at the bar area when I was there last (given not a Friday but if it was like that on a Tuesday I imagine it would be like that on a Friday). That way you are guarenteed a table. I think there are only 2 or 3 small tables near the bar and then the bar itself with a bunch of people crowded around you.

                Since you have 4 people I would make a reservation.

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                  Btw I was refering to Proof...didn't realize you meant PS7. PS7 you should be able to get a table in the lounge area.