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Any blogs for restauranters to talk to each other???

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I own a restaurant and would like to share with others in the business what's happening....I believe a place devoted to us would be helpful and we could contribute to many of the bloggers concers...but mainly it would be about our operations.

Any other blogs, besides this one, the you would recommend?



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  1. Bill, here is a link to a Google page search for resaturant owners forums. Perhaps this will help you:

    1. What about FOHBOH?

      1. If you do a search for "chef blog" and "restaurant blog" (no quotes) there are some sites (such as Chef 2 Chef) that might interest you.

        1. starchefs.com has forums, I believe.

          1. Roadfood.com has a restaurant professionals forum. About 95% of it is about hot dog carts.

            1. fohboh and egullet