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Jan 23, 2008 08:43 AM

Where to find Chapulines or Escamoles - DFW

I was curious if there are any Latin themed stores that might carry these Mexican bugs...more like delights. For those of you that have missed the Rick Bayless in Mexico City (Mexico One Plate at a Time) and also Andrew Zimmerman (Bizzarre Foods - Mexico City) episodes these are ant larvae (escamoles) harvested from the roots of the agauve plant(used to make tequila) or maguey (mezcal) plants and chapulines are fried crickets usually tossed with chili powder.

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  1. Anyone know? Trying to revive it!

    1. Sorry, soulsinger. I don't know any place to purchase these goodies. Perhaps try a manager of Fiesta or Carnival and see if anyone knows? I always think of chapulines as fried grasshoppers... I will be in Oaxaca (known for chapulines) mid-March and could bring you back a bunch, if you can wait. I could put a bunch in a tupperware, I think they would travel OK. Perhaps others can weigh in if they need to be for immediate consumption. I assume the larve could be had there, too, as it is the land of mescal. It would need to be a few days from purchase to getting into your hands, though.


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        I don't believe you can smuggle those onto the plane to be honest. I will ask around and see what I can find. I don't want you to get locked up in the airport jail over some fried grasshoppers!! I really appreciate the offer though!

      2. Bump. And I'll add huitlacoche to the list.