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Aug 13, 2001 10:58 PM

Mori Sushi (Omakase/Price/L or D)

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Has anyone tried the omakase at Mori? Is the omakase option offered at both lunch and dinner? What dishes are there in the omakase? and how much does it run? also, do they serve wine like at Shibucho and does Mori have a wide selection of cold premium sake (also, what are the sake prices?) If not ordering the omakase what are some of the recommended dishes to order a la carte? lastly, in general, is lunch more reasonable than dinner or is it relatively the same cost?

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  1. Help,
    I am racking my brain for the name of a sushi place the is in an old firehouse in los angeles... it has cardboard chairs, etc... I have been there twice but cannot remember the name or exact locations...

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