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Jan 23, 2008 07:48 AM

COLD drink to go with donuts?

What's a good cold drink to go with donuts?

I suppose milk comes to mind, but is there anything else?

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      1. I'd go with milk or iced coffee, but cold drinks in general don't work well with donuts as they cause the grease in the donut to congeal on the tongue.

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          i was just going to say this! i tried the other day making homemade donuts, and then drinking a glass of water (because i'm lactose, so milk was out of the question) ... it felt like i had a layer of grease on my tongue that i couldn't get rid of. so i waited about 20 minutes, and made a pot of coffee to go with it, and waited for it to get cold. haha.

          1. Mt. Dew, really get that sugar buzz going.