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Jan 23, 2008 06:56 AM

LIC or JH for dinner

Turned 50 today, and would like to have a nice, quiet, delicious dinner with my partner and our 14-year-old son. I live on the Upper West Side (better to stay home and cook); my fave restaurants are in Brooklyn and Queens, and include Zabb, Spicy and Tasty, Kyclades, LIttle Pepper, Pepe's (New Haven--world's best pizza). Any suggestions? Any of my standards would do, but something new and wonderful and perhaps a tiny bit more upscale--or perhaps not--would be fun, too. Have made two recent trips--Mexico City and Andalusia--ate incredibly well--but for variety, would like anything besides Mexican or Spanish. School/work night for all, so low key is, well, key. Thank you!

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  1. Then why not Tournesol. It's French, absolutely lovely and only one stop into Queens on the seven train. The snail appetizer is great. Happy Birthday.

    1. Deshi Biryani? Not exactly upscale, but good South Asian in JH.

      1. Thank you, both. I've been wanting to try Tournesol for awhile, and Deshi Biryani sounds like my kind of place. I appreciate the recommendations.

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          philoxenia in astoria. great greek. lovely room....

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            I'll second Philoxenia. I went last Sunday and it's really good. It's casual but has a special meal feel to it. They do whole grilled fish really well -- and don't miss the haloumi. So. Good.

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            Dissent on Tournesol. Not a lot of this type of restaurants in Queens, so it gets some points there, but don't think it distinguishes itself from many of the other small French places in Manhattan.

          3. Convivium! and happy birthday!

            1. The original comment has been removed