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Jan 23, 2008 06:42 AM


So last night my boyfriend and I went to Lillette. We were gonna have some wine...order some apps...hang out and then order some more things. When the waiter came to take our order, he said we had to order everything at one time. I thought this was the craziest thing. He said the chef says they cant do that?!? We just wanted to hang out and order alot of different things. What do you guys think?

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  1. It's a restaurant, not a bar. "Hanging out" means that you're planning to occupy the table for an extended period, no? In traditional restaurant service, you place your entire order at the beginning of a meal with the waiter. This allows the kitchen to manage its workflow accordingly, ensure that your food & everyone else's can be accomodated. Plus, in a place as small as Lilette, they need your table wiithin a reasonable time frame to seat other guests. It's a restaurant, not a campground.

    Have you been to the Delachaise? It's a bar with excellent food; you can hang out as long as you'd like, and order at your own pace.

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      I'd have to agree that it's likely just a time and space issue. Lilette is a crowded, busy restaurant, and it's difficult to pace a meal in such a situation without knowing ahead of time what's going to be ordered.

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        I understand that. But there was hardly and people in there. We were going to order them..and then order other stuff. I just have never been to a place where u were forced to order everything at one time.

      2. If you were just trying to order apps and then wait to order entrees, what is wrong with that. We always order apps, then we decide on entrees and then dessert. I've been to one or two places where they require you to order everything upfront, which understanding timing issues for the kitchen, it should just be understood that more is to be ordered and pace accordingly.

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          we do it all the time as well. We order them..then order our entrees. Thats why i was a little caught off guard when he said "we are not allowed to do that, order everything now". I just found it to be strange.

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            If they weren't busy, then I don't see why they couldn't accomodate your request. Its not like Lillette is serving some sort of banquet/wedding style dinner where everything needs to come out at the same time.

            Sometimes I like to put in the order for apps and spend a lot more time poring over the decision about entrees. I've never had a problem.

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              I'm still with Hungry Celeste on this one... In your original post, you said you wished to "hang out" in between apps and entrees. Phrasing it as such may have been what led to your waiter's denial. Restaurants are places to eat. Bars are places to hang out.

              1. re: mikemill

                yea but i didnt mean hang put my feet up and have a beer. I meant enjoy my food and wine. We didnt want to be rushed. Alot of places we go..when we order everything at one comes out so fast..that you feel rushed. we wanted to have apps..drink wine..then order our food. I dont understand why this is an inconvience.

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                  Seems to me you've learned a lesson about the house rules. Each house is a little different -- particularly the more white-linen places like Lilette.

                  I have no problem with a place putting a rule like this into effect. I just note it for the next time I feel like going out. If I want to be leisurely between courses or linger a bit, I'll know not to go to that place. And I will warn others about it.

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                Next time order your drinks, then linger over the menu. It takes me forever to usually figure out what I want, so I am not very keen to places that require you to order EVERYTHING up front. Do they also make you order dessert with your entrees?

            2. Not having been to Lilette, but speaking as a seasoned diner, 'hanging out' works for seating at the bar. The staff is there for you to have a pleasant experience, but the mangement is expecting to turn over that table 2-3 times in the evening.