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Jan 23, 2008 06:35 AM

juan valdez cafe?

a JVC opened up across the street from my office and i have had a few cups of their drip coffee. DELICIOUS. So smooth. I'm very impressed. Haven't tried any of their lattes or other concoctions but it seems like they offer some unique options. I'd love to hear from people who have been and can recommend stuff. Also, what are their pastries like? They haven't put up any cards that tell me what scones are what and what muffins are what... i'm guessing they don't have reduced fat options... sigh.

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  1. My husband goes to JVC in NYC pretty frequently. I've been a few times and really liked the coffee. He highly recommends the Brownie Nevado, but it's pretty decadent so you might want to allow time for a nap after you finish it :)

    1. sitting in jfk right now and needed some coffee. juan valdez was the only option and i'm pleasantly surprised.

      not usually a fan of columbian coffee but the mention of the cardamom and dulce de leche (among the seemingly uninflated airport pricing) seemed like worth trying. was absolutely shocked and amazed when the barista pulled out a mortar and pestle to grind up some cardamom pods to mix into the coffee! the dulce de leche is actually imported from columbia and makes a beautifully rich and balanced machiatto.

      it still leans on the mass market appeal side but it's a nice option for a decent price. also to note, the jars of loose leaf roiboos and japanese sencha lining the counter.