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Chicken Divan Recipe Without Canned Soup

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My man loves this dish--it's his favorite--and I got the recipe that his mother always made for him. But my heart breaks a little when I get to the add a can of creamed soup part.
Do you have a great recipe for this dish that doesn't call for anything from a can?

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  1. I would think a veloute, white sauce made with chicken stock, and pump up the spices add some onion and garlic.

    I know this recipe well (my non cooking friend loves to make it) and I feel your pain.

    1. While I am not a fan of Rachel Ray's, I have to admit that her chicken divan recipe is delicious. http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/cooki...

      1. Cooks Illustrated had what sounded like a wonderful recipe. Try their website.

        1. Thanks all. I will give these a shot. I fear I will be making some version of this dish for life.

          1. Gourmet Cookbook has a great recipe that I made recently. Instead of the canned soups, you make a bechemel sauce. I riffed on it and added some reconstituted dried shitakes. Instead of the cheddar cheese that my mother used, I substituted Pecorino Romano. It was much lighter than the Chicken Divan of my youth. I bet you could find the recipe on epicurious.com

            1. Washington Post ran this recipe this week- looks pretty tasty to me. Plus, you can just make him a single serving if you simply don't like Chicken Divan. ;)


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                Wow this looks Great! Thanks! Mila, I don't think the recipe I had called for curry powder or lemon juice. I will try it. Thanks for the tip!

              2. I'm thinking that the thing that really makes Chicken Divan for me is the curry powder and lemon juice. I'm noticing that most of these recipes don't include these ingredients. I wondering if I've been making some crazy version all these years that really isn't Chicken Divan.

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                  You know, I always add lemon juice to my individual dish of divan. But I add lemon to everything, so it's hard to say if I'm normal or not.

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                    I have had a love of Chicken Divan since I was a kid. I use Gourmet's recipe, but for the sauce I use half chicken stock, half whole (or 2%) milk and white wine instead of sherry. Skip the step about whipping the cream into stiff peaks. I layer the mixture as the recipe calls for then bake at 350 until brown and bubbly.


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                      This seems to be closer to what I make, minus the parn and whipped cream into peaks?
                      I've always used dry mustard. And a healthy glog of good sherry is always~ always in there too!!
                      Fresh broccoli, and I use a bit of cheddar at the end...never ever canned soup...

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                    Eeeek ! Did a search on recipes and found the closest to my recipe was from Paula Deen. Serves me right for being a food snob.


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                      Mine has the curry and lemon, too - and I always thought it was a little nuts, too - like a surprise secret ingredient or something. I love it.

                    2. I have always made it with cheese sauce (made from scratch) pured over chicken and broccoli.

                      1. Thinking about making a turkey divan from scratch tonight, using these suggestions (+ sherry, old cheddar, cremini). Has anyone found a from scratch recipe/version/variation they love?

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                          Yes, the one I linked above (Rachael Ray's recipe) is very good. :)

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                            Thanks, jencounter! Ended up making something else last week, but will try something along the lines of Rachel Ray's recipe tonight.