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Jan 23, 2008 06:00 AM

Something's still missing in food media...

i do look forward to my Cooks Illustrated every other month

i really do treasure my Savuer subscription, and collection

i anticipate the NYT dining section every Wednesday

read blogs here and there, but mainly just look at the pictures

and I read Chowhound to fill the gaps, occasionally posting, but I still crave MORE

like a lot of other people, i am over the food network, try to get love my fill of food tv with weekend afternoons of PBS and the occasional Bourdain - i totally cracked up during Bittman's show sun night with Michel Richard (maybe it was a repeat but i hadn't seen it before) but still these shows are on so infrequently!

and Top Chef is not on til next season...

SO WHAT's MISSING??? i can't figure it out...should I just eat out more and visit restaurants of chefs I admire? is there an expert chef blog that I don't know about? i think i'd like more insider info from the real pros, maybe?

thoughts? anyone else feel in the same boat? what do you wish there was more of?

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  1. Part of the beauty of being a foodie is the eating part. Eat more. Eat something you saw in one of those magazines that took your breath away or something you've never eaten before. Try one new restaurant that looks appealing to you, yet you've never heard anything about. Experiment at home by making dishes you like at your favorite restaurants in your very own kitchen. And, if you can, travel.

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    1. re: gmonkey

      Oooooo, Yes!! Travel!! I've found that my hobbies and activities have evolved to all incorporate an aspect of food: gardening, home cooking, cooking classes (I'm a volunteer assistant so I can "afford" to do a lot of these), traveling (as much as possible), reading about food and food people (memoirs, biographies, novels, food origins, food politics), food movies, joined a CSA, shopping the farmer's markets, scoping out local artisanal products (at home and while traveling), destination dining. Even did a weekend food radio show for a year. Seems a little obsessive, but oh well.

      1. re: jennywinker

        I could also add that I work in a food-oriented business. It's not exactly a dream job, but it is another way I stay connected to food trends, food policy, etc.

        If I had more time, I would explore more on I also like That usually leads me down some food rabbithole or another.

    2. I feel the same way. Here are some ways I fill the void: Start a blog, offering your own input, volunteer at your local farmers market, experiment in your kitchen, testing things out.

      Read other peoples blogs--they are great....often can lead you to more sources. There are amateur blogs, but there are also blogs by restaurant insiders, food writers, etc. From Ruhlman's blog to our local chocolate store, there is an endless world out there. I do restaurant marketing, and in addition to my own personal blog, I host blogs for the restaurants I work for, so maybe check out your local restaurants.

      I am also considering taking on the early 90s idea of a zine and starting a local food what is it you most want to know about food? or read about food?

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      1. re: dagoose

        by zine, do u mean magazine? In general I am looking for more expert advice from professionals and industry leaders - i also want a peak inside the chef world and how they eat and cook - I am admittedly fascinated by places chefs gather off duty, like Blue Ribbon (dont know if this still happens)

        1. re: jpmcd

          I think you start running into the Heisenberg uncertainty principle observing something, you change it. The more we peel back the cover on the life of chefs, the more they're going to alter what they do and then we're not watching anything like what we set out to watch anymore.

          What sort of advice are you looking for? And from which industry?

          1. re: ccbweb

            i definitely don't want that to happen - but I do love shows like Charlie Rose when he interviews chefs - i would like to learn a little bit more from them and about them bc they know so much and i find them so fascinating

            when i say "industry" i mean the broader food industry, i guess more specifically restaurant industry experts

      2. Re "is there an expert chef blog that I don't know about..?" Check out and with links to many, many chefs' and foodie sites and blogs. Having my own culinary food blog, I appreciate other comments on this topic encouraging you to check out foodies' blogs, maintained for the love good food -- certainly not for money.

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        1. re: ClaireWalter

          That is so cool. Thanks for posting those sites. Except now I'm going to have to quit my job before they fire me.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. There is another food/travel website launching soon, called It's sponsored by the International Culinary Tourism Association.


          2. how about movies or some fiction for a bit of fantasy instead of all the "real life" stuff?

            I do not work in the food industry (but i do bake and sell on the side)....but I still dream about i love to read novels where the primary characters are chefs and what not. Same goes for movies....