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Jan 23, 2008 05:52 AM

Burger Bros. - Towson - blurb in today's Baltimore Sun (registration not yet required). Snippet:

"Towson's newest burger place, Burger Bros. (14 Allegheny Ave., 410-321-1880), has a lot going for it - freshly ground, handcrafted patties, brioche rolls, fresh-cut fries and onion rings, marinated chicken-breast sandwiches, a Gourmet-magazine-endorsed brand of hot dog (Vienna) and, surprisingly, decent salads. Still, you know where its heart is: The Web site is"

Anyone been yet? I guess the real question is - better or worse than 5 Guys?

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  1. Was there a couple of weeks ago:

    It's not bad. Pretty good actually. The burger had nice flavor. The fries were decent but more along the lines of soggy Ocean City fries than crisp frites that I prefer.

    They definitely took some design pointers from Five Guys (though not the blatant layout ripoff that Boardwalk Fries and Burgers in Cockeysville) but it's a good place to check out.

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      Burger Brothers has the best burgers in Towson. The burgers are really tasty, and the roll it comes on is delicious. Also, ive had their Old Bay Wings. They are also delicious. The All Beef Hotdogs are great too. However, i must agree with onocoffee about the Boardwalk Fries. Well, i cant stand Boardwalk Fries anyway. Still overall a great place to eat.

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        1. Yeah I'd agree. Best burgers in Towson, however not quite as good as 5 guys. But when you're in Towson and don't feel like driving out to 5 guys it's a really good substitute. Their menu has a few more offerings than 5 guys.

          I have been a few times:
          Fries have always been mediocre and a bit soggy
          Onion rings are consistently pretty good
          Salads are decent
          Wings are good
          Burgers are good
          Portabello Mushroom burger is actually pretty good too

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            Was there today for lunch, I did not experience soggy fries, they were quite crisp.