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Jan 23, 2008 05:10 AM

Ding Tai Fung

I have to be up in Richmond Hill tonight (to pick out my wedding ring - YIKES!!!) at 7:30pm. We thought that we would check out some of the great chinese food in the area. How about Ding Tai Fung? It's close by and I've read good things about it.

Please provide some guidance. Anything that we must have there? Is it open for about 8:30pm or so? If not, I guess we can go before our 7:30 appointment.


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  1. don't just pick out a wedding ring, make your own! ;


    i find the pricing at ding tai fung rather exorbitant but they've got some of the most amazing xiao long bao in the city. also, if memory serves me, they're more in markham than rh?

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    1. re: pinstripeprincess

      DTF is pretty much at the "border" between Richmond Hill and Markham, so depending on where you are, it can be just a zip away.

      And yes, prices are exorbitant, and while I haven't been there in a long time, I heard mixed reviews about the changing quality on their dishes.

      That said, if you have only one dinner you should still try it just so you can go home knowing you tried one of the "great" Chinese restos in the area :)

      Or, for a similar but more humble place that impressed me just two days ago with their Xiao Long Bao and other dishes, you can consider this too:

      1. re: tarteaucitron

        I've tried several in the area, but we always want MORE.

        Thanks for the tips

    2. Lucky number 13 is what you want -- get one for you and one for your honey. You don't want to end your engagement fighting over the last lovely little soupbag dumpling...

      1. I have a fond spot for DTF -- I think they do the one of the best xiao long bao in Toronto, but I know that's still a disputed matter. Other members of my family prefer 3-6-9 in Peachtree Center (Hwy 7 & Kennedy), but I object to their steaming xiao long bao in small steamers (extraction becomes a dangerous proposition since the dumplings have stuck together.)

        DTF's gau choy (garlic chive) dumplings are also good -- absolutely bursting with gau choy unlike so many other places which skimp on it and just fill it up with shrimp.

        I've heard people like/hate Hi Shanghai in the Chinese mall across from Pacific Mall for their xiao long bao. I found them meh-meh in comparison to DTF.