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Jan 23, 2008 04:41 AM

Leftover Pork Roast

Morning All - I roasted a pork Loin for Sunday dinner. I now have a left over 2lb portion. Any suggestions? I was thinking of doing some sort of pork stew - thoughts, ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Hello Mitchell, this is what I do now with my left over pork roast. A Fricassée..I have adapted it to my family, the fricassee for us I make with potatoes, onions and either leftover pork roast or left over roast beef. MOst add peas, green beans and whatever other veggie they like, I stick to the main ingredients so all my kids will enjoy it.

    I cook the cubed potatoes al dente, chop the onions and cube the meat.

    I then add plenty of butter and olive oil to a heavy skillet, I start with the onions, once they are translucent, I add the potatoes till they become golden, depending on the size of the pan, I leave the potatoes in and add the meat, or I remove the onion/potato mixture, brown the meat in more butter/oil then re-add the potatoes and onions, I usually season with thyme, oregano and savory, plenty of kosher salt and cracked pepper.
    Now my kids will eat this till the skillet is cleaned out, I can never make enough, and I always make sure to have home made ketchup to enjoy it with.

    Please try it and good luck!

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    1. How about some nice Cubano sandwiches?

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        Vietnamese Subs is another option. You can also turn it into carnita for tacos.

      2. I like to slice it thin and smother with tonnato sauce.

        1. I love roast pork on my sandwiches! It's much better and healthier than coldcuts from a grocery store.

          1. Sliced and heated with some onions and barbeque sauce - on an bun with some cole slaw...a cheaters version of pulled pork.