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Jan 23, 2008 04:41 AM

Frozen strip steaks?

Trying to "cook from the freezer" this week - since I can't fit anything else in there! - and came across 2 small sirloin strip steaks that I must have forgotten about. I usually only buy steaks to throw on a hot grill soon after purchase, so I'm not sure what happened here. Nonetheless, they are dated 11/15/07 - still good?? I'm thinking of defrosting and throwing on a grill pan to slice up for fajitas? Any advice or other ideas? Thanks Hounds!

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  1. 11/17/07 frozen steaks should be fine. Jfood would leave them in the fridge the night before and when you come home from work, they should be fully defrosted. then just cook as you would if you picked them up at the grocer's on the way home.

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      Same thing with me, I just pulled out 2 strip steaks that I bought on sale this fall (definitely still good) because I found a recipe on Epicurious that called for searing and then smothering with a boursin/merlot gravy. I have some flavored goat cheese that needs to be used up, and a 1/2 bottle of red wine, so that's that!

      Here's the recipe if you're looking for one:

    2. I'm sure they are safe -- unless your freezer is not within operating specs 8 weeks should not be significantly different than half that time. I routinely stock up on bigger cuts of beef, vacuum bag portions I'll use and occasionally hold for about a year.

      The worst problem is generally ruptures cells and subsequent loss of moistrure. I'd recommend trying to avoid the cutting the steaks until after they are cooked.
      As afar s the cooking I think it helps to bring the meat close to room temp, using a lower temp, and if need be slightly longer "baking" period. Let them rest well before serving.

      If do go ahead with the fajita idea I'd use a thicker wet marinade with some oil, avoid salt or other coarse grained spices/herbs -- those have a tendency to draw out the little bit of moisture left in the defrosted meat.

      If the steaks look to have lost too much moisture after thawing I've resorted to making them into things like potpies/pasties or even my homemade fascimile of Chunky Steak and Potato soup. Beef stock and long cooking do wonders...

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        I buy quite a bit of mail-order frozen food, and the purveyors generally say it will be fine in the freezer for 3 months (in some cases) to 6 months (in others). At 8-9 months, in my expierence, things will start to deteriorate. Food will be safe to eat, but quality goes down. Your freezer should hold steady at zero degrees. And except for crusty things I know I'll be eating soon (like french rolls), I always double wrap.

      2. For future reference, the larger, more solid a piece of meat is, the longer you can leave it in the freezer. So, ground meat should be stored only 3-4 weeks, steaks & chope 3-4 months, large roasts & poultry, longer (personally I wouldn't do this). We have been doing a lot of stir frys lately with variety of veggies, did something similar with onions, peppers, asparagus, cauliflower, summer squash and used sauce of soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, dash of rice wine vinegar, grated garlic & ginger and a little sherry.

        1. They should be fine. I would thaw them out and make Steak au Poivre w/ a brown stock and a red wine pan sauce. It isn't the usual sauce. It is defiantly not the usual sauce for S-a-P, but I like the strong flavors.

          I have all my meat double wrapped just in case they are in the freezer longer than 4 months. They are wrapped once in plastic and once in butcher paper.