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Duke Ocean Grill, Tappan NY

In the near future the folks that own the NY Deli's "Cafe Duke" are opening a new restauarant called Duke's Ocean Grill. It's located in the space where Food World used to be. They did a major major renovation. So far all I've heard is that they will be doing catering, there are a few waterfalls inside, and that's it. Anyone know anything else?

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  1. Where exactly is it in Tappan? Wonder when it will open!

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      Tappan is in Rockland County NY. It is about 15 min. N of the GWB, exit 5S off the Palisades pkwy. Not sure, but it looks like it could open within the next month (or 2). Do you know anything about the place or Duke?

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        It's on Route 303 about 1/2 mile from the NJ border. Stop in for a drink and great wings at Tappan Pub that is just a few doors away.

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        On Rte 303 Northbound side - back of parking lot

      3. Talk I heard from several folks a while back (well before the signs were up) was that it was an Asian fusion sushi buffet, I guess on the order of Minado.

        The word Grill in the name sorta puts the kibosh on that rumor.....

        1. How do you know it has the same owners as Cafe Duke? Wasn't that a deli? This I heard is going to be a Korean Banquet Hall and restaurant.

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            I know some of the owners of the establishments that are already leasing in the strip mall, + a group of men that hang out at the bagel shop, and know EVERYTHING about everyone concured with this... Yes, Cafe Duke is a "Korean" deli.

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              Duke ocean grill is not Korean restaurant, i went there to check the meun and its little fusion restraurant and its going to open up 11/4/2008 i gonna check it out tomorrow how the food is.

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                The owner is Korean. Sorry if I mislead you. I didn't intend to say the food was Korean, but "Korean Deli" is a term which identifies, a style of deli, owned by a person who is Korean, staffed by many people who are Korean, and usually feature tons of food, many different kinds, anything from a turkey sandwich, mac and cheese, to bi bim bop, and most have a salad bar which also features anything from Ceasar salad, to bbq roast pork. Duke's Ocean grill, is a high end place, nothing like the deli near where I work. But they do feature, a lot on their menu, from sushi, to aged steaks, to pizza.

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                  I would have never linked what described to a Korean "Deli". Maybe I have the wrong idea of what the term Deli is used for.

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                    I prefer the old kosher style deli's myself! Not too many left these days.

          2. Has anyone heard if and when Duke's is supposed to open? Last I read was mid October.....

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              Im gonna answer my own question. I took a drive over there today. Sign on the window says opening October 29th.

              Is anyone optimistic that a 400 seat restaurant in Tappan can be successful in this economic climate?

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                I spoke to someone there on Sat. and they too said definately the 29th. Have you gone inside? I just looked through the windows, but a few friends have been inside. They say it is amazing. It's such a transformation, from a dingy supermarket to this state of the art dining establishment. My feeling is they are going to count on the catering to weddings and large affairs, otherwise how else could they survive? There's a huge Asian community in this area, and this may feel a real niche for them when it comes to catered affairs. I also heard that the owner has his own fishing boats. I work near Duke's in Soho, and the thing I liked most on their salad bar was a this really large fish that they just lightly season and fillet.

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                  Didn't go inside. Also just looked through the windows. Couldn't see much.

            2. Duke Ocean Grill had a grand opening yesterday...does anybody have any information about the food there?

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                I went with some co-workers for lunch today. The place is very large and very nicely done. The food for lunch was a mix of Salads, Soups, sandwiches and some main courses included crab cakes and a penne pomodoro.
                We tasted the Crab Cakes which were good but nothing too special. We tasted a Seafood Chowder which was very good. We got 3 different types of Salads (one Chicken, One Shrimp and one Tuna) everyone seemed very happy. 3 soups, 3 salads, 1 Crab Cake Dish off the lunch menu and 2 sodas came to about $60.

                1. re: NJfoodLover

                  Thanks for the info on your dining experience.
                  It sounds like it is worth a trip to check it out.
                  Love good Seafood Chowder!

              2. they opened on weds. so far, the service is ok but has came a huge way since their soft opening 2 weeks ago. the reason for this is just because of the way the restaurant is designed with a sushi bar, a bar, pizza station, raw bar, salad station, rotisserie, hot appetizer station and normal kitchen. the menu consists of many organic, homemade, original recipes. the food is Manhattan style with lower, suburban prices. the restaurant has 96 tables, a catering hall that sits up to 250 persons, and the sushi and beverage bar. the menu has a separate section with about 20-30 sushi appetizers and full sized meals. the menu has a veriety of aged (on premesis ager) and fresh stakes, pastas, lobsters, fishes, pizzas, appetizers, poultry, and deserts. if anyone else has questions, ask me and i can more than likely answere them.

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                  I took a look all around on Saturday. I am still floored that they were able to turn a dingy supermarket into such a state of the art restaurant. One comment, the prices on the menu seem to be similar to NYC prices, not any lower.

                  1. re: michele cindy

                    although the prices may seem fairly high, they are not. the food is well worth the price there. their prices are about the price of lower quality food in the city

                2. i work there. the decor and the food are amazing. it is the first restaurant i have worked at where i can say that EVERYTHING on the menu is great. our chef, brian birch, is a culinary genius.

                  as per the service, i leave that up to you...

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                    We have dined there several times now, both for dinner and for lunch, and have greatly enjoyed every meal.
                    The chicken pot pies for lunch are amazing, as are the onion soup and seafood chowder.
                    The service is excellent!

                  2. Do they have a website and/or is the menu posted online anywhere?

                    1. Just had lunch at Duke's Ocean Grill on Jan. 18, 2009. The 3 of us had the lobster special which consisted of this huge, 2 lb., hard shell lobster, a heaping portion of steamed clams, yukon gold mashed potatoes (w/cabbage?), excellent little carrots and asparagus. Nice warm bread basket too: pumpking bread and good Italian. We did not have room for dessert, but the coffee was excellent, European style, with body. The lobster special was only $20 and very worth it.

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                        A 2lb lobster for 20.00 + everything else? Wow that is amazing. Jan. 18 today - Sunday - just want to confirm, I think I am going, don't want to be disappointed...

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                          Basically what Duke Ocean Grill is, is a Korean Buffet place with fancier digs, and higher prices. It's not going to be on anyone's top 10 lists.

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                            If we're talking about The resto on 303 I don't see Korean buffet at all. The two times I was there I found the American style steaks and seafood quite good for the area, and as far as the prices probably cheaper than other comparable places in Bergen or Rockland. Although that's not saying much.

                      2. I have been there now a few times and the food is very good. The sushi is fresh and their other dishes have been very good as well. I don't get the reference to the Korean BBQ.
                        They have one major downfall and it is the service. They are slow and slightly unorganized. If you have the patience it is worth putting up with for the decent prices and good food. I hope as they place runs a little longer that they work out the kinks and the serivice improves.

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                          I am confused.

                          Is this place an all-you-can-eat buffet?

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                              A friend went here recently and raved about it, but she is not a Hound. Has anyone been here recently? How is the "conveyor belt" sushi? Do you just grab it off the belt or is it (hopefully) wrapped up or served to you?

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                                how would you want it "wrapped up"? sushi on conveyor belts is not a new concept, nor a sign that of questionable quality.

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                                  I would be interested to know if it was raw fish going 'round and 'round on a conveyor belt all day, without some sort of protective measure being taken. Someone told me that they do not let you take it off the belt, someone hands it to you. I wanted to see if that was true-- it wasn't a judgment on the novelty or quality.

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                                    I believe the belt is refrigerated. It does go round and round, so I watch for the point of entry and take the fresh arrivals.