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Jan 23, 2008 04:29 AM

Duke Ocean Grill, Tappan NY

In the near future the folks that own the NY Deli's "Cafe Duke" are opening a new restauarant called Duke's Ocean Grill. It's located in the space where Food World used to be. They did a major major renovation. So far all I've heard is that they will be doing catering, there are a few waterfalls inside, and that's it. Anyone know anything else?

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  1. Where exactly is it in Tappan? Wonder when it will open!

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    1. re: ral217

      Tappan is in Rockland County NY. It is about 15 min. N of the GWB, exit 5S off the Palisades pkwy. Not sure, but it looks like it could open within the next month (or 2). Do you know anything about the place or Duke?

      1. re: michele cindy

        It's on Route 303 about 1/2 mile from the NJ border. Stop in for a drink and great wings at Tappan Pub that is just a few doors away.

      2. re: ral217

        On Rte 303 Northbound side - back of parking lot

      3. Talk I heard from several folks a while back (well before the signs were up) was that it was an Asian fusion sushi buffet, I guess on the order of Minado.

        The word Grill in the name sorta puts the kibosh on that rumor.....

        1. How do you know it has the same owners as Cafe Duke? Wasn't that a deli? This I heard is going to be a Korean Banquet Hall and restaurant.

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          1. re: Lorac

            I know some of the owners of the establishments that are already leasing in the strip mall, + a group of men that hang out at the bagel shop, and know EVERYTHING about everyone concured with this... Yes, Cafe Duke is a "Korean" deli.

            1. re: michele cindy

              Duke ocean grill is not Korean restaurant, i went there to check the meun and its little fusion restraurant and its going to open up 11/4/2008 i gonna check it out tomorrow how the food is.

              1. re: lex558

                The owner is Korean. Sorry if I mislead you. I didn't intend to say the food was Korean, but "Korean Deli" is a term which identifies, a style of deli, owned by a person who is Korean, staffed by many people who are Korean, and usually feature tons of food, many different kinds, anything from a turkey sandwich, mac and cheese, to bi bim bop, and most have a salad bar which also features anything from Ceasar salad, to bbq roast pork. Duke's Ocean grill, is a high end place, nothing like the deli near where I work. But they do feature, a lot on their menu, from sushi, to aged steaks, to pizza.

                1. re: michele cindy

                  I would have never linked what described to a Korean "Deli". Maybe I have the wrong idea of what the term Deli is used for.

                  1. re: NJfoodLover

                    I prefer the old kosher style deli's myself! Not too many left these days.

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