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Jan 23, 2008 04:18 AM

Wine and Food Expo in DC

Has anyone been to one of these in the past? it's the one at the Reagan building Feb 29-Mar 2 this year. Just wondering if it's worth the $85 and if anyone knows anyplace to get discount tickets. Food good? Decent wine samples? thx

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  1. Last year it was a mosh pit with wine. Totally oversold and little to no food. If you consider pretzel and cheese samples food than you will be happy. If it is like last year don't waste your money. We could barely get near the tables and could not even talk to the people about the wine. We finally gave up and left.

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      wow that sucks at such a high price! thanks for the tip...we'll be spending our $ elsewhere for wine that weekend!

    2. What started out as a nice event years back has become a tasting disgrace. The crowds make tasting and enjoying impossible and the quality of wines they once brought in has declined considerably. Also, now you have to buy food if you want anything more than a cracker.