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Jan 23, 2008 04:07 AM

3 Nights in Strasbourg

I'm going to be in Strasbourg next week and I was wondering if anyone can recommend any new interesting restaurants in the city centre. I usually go a couple times a year for business (this will be my sixth trip) and I am pretty familiar with the city, although I suppose I always end up at the more touristy, crowded places near the Cathedral, or the well known Michelin-starred restaurants (Crocodile & Beureisal). I did eat at a very nice, small restaurant in Petite France that I can't remember the name of. It had a white facade and was run by a couple with only about 8 tables, I think it was on the Rue des Dentelles. So my question is two-fold: any good recommendations of new or over-looked places and does anyone know the name of the place I described?

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  1. Was there about 2 weeks ago, unfortunately most of the big name places were closed for the holidays. We ate a Maison Kammerzell which is right across from the cathederal and is not that great. I highly recommend le Cygne in Gundershoffen, 2 stars, where I had a really wonderful dinner on the night of 02 January but you will need a car to get there. We had an 83e menu which was excellent value. One of the best restaurants in this region is not in France but a little over the Rhine in Baiserbronn Mittletal, the restaurant at the Hotel Bareiss. It now has 3 stars. I had about a 4 hour lunch there on 04 January which was just astounding. You will need a car to get there but it is well worth the drive. This was my second vist to both Cygne and Bareiss, both are excellent. On previous visits I have eaten at Crocodile, I say pass on it, way overpriced and just not that good. Westerman reformatted last year, Beureisal no longer has stars as a result, I have never been there, it was closed in early Janaury.

    Two other places that are well worth the drive if you have a car is Auberge du Cheval Blanc in Lembach (1 star) about 35 miles north and l'Arnsbourg in Barenthal (3 stars)also about 35 miles north. You will need a GPS to find it, it is really out in the country. Auberge de l'Ill (3 stars) is also quite good, about 40 miles south of Strasbourg, but for 3 star dining I would definitely pick one of the others I have mentioned over it.

    All of these have web sites. Confirm if they are open before you go. These country places often have closings in Jan - Feb.

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      Thanks. Unfortunately, I won't have a car, so I really am looking for places within walking distance of the old city. Any suggestions to that?

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        In that case I would say at least take in the lunch at Crocodile. I don't want to dump on it too hard but they had 3 stars for many years and were cut to 2 about 5 years ago. The prices are still 3 star but the cooking is not up to the other 2 or 3 stars I have mentioned (my opinion only). It is elegant, however, and Emile Jung is highly respected, so go and see for yourself. They do have a stufffed crocodile on display supposedly brought back from Egypt during Napoleon's campaign there.

        I also found a quite good chocolatier on the last visit, Thierry Mulhaupt, at 18 rue du Vieux Marché aux Poissons Strasbourg. This is a main street with several elegant shops, easy to find. Please visit if you get the chance.

    2. Restaurant au Pont du Corbeau is a couple blocks from the cathedral. My wife and I were in Strasbourg a couple years ago with another couple, and we liked this old woody winstub so much that it blew all our eating plans to hell - we had lunch there three days in a row and worked our way through the entire carte, everything was delicious and prices extremely reasonable (pre dollar collapse of course). Their specialty is jambonneau grille' (roasted ham hock). Lively atmosphere, very cozy in the winter, echt gemütlich. Plus it's beside the bridge where they used to execute patricides and infanticides by tying them in a sack and drowning them in the river, how cool is that?

      Restaurant au Pont du Corbeau
      21, Quai Saint-Nicolas
      Strasbourg, France
      3 88 35 60 68

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        I know it's too late for the OP, but it may helps others.

        Back from a weekend in Strasbourg, we had a really nice dinner at a typical brasserie, not overly touristy and in the city center with fair prices called 'La Chaine d'Or'. We liked it that much, that we went back the next day for a light lunch in the late afternoon (nonstop service). Reservation for dinner recommended.
        Menu has very traditional Alsatian dishes, but also seafood platters, composed salads, etc.

        La Chaine d'Or
        134, Grand'Rue