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Jan 23, 2008 03:35 AM

Wedding in June in Venice

I've been using Chowhound for a while, but never before posted a board, so please bear with me!
I'm getting married in Venice in June (just the two of us) and am looking for the perfect place to have our wedding breakfast. I already have a list of places that I'd love to try while I'm there but none of them seem perfect for the wedding breakfast - I want ambience as well as amazing food. Normally the food is the main concern and I'm not so worried about the surroundings, but this time 'I want it all'!
So here's hoping you'll be able to solve this problem for me.
Thanks for all your help x

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  1. I hear the Met hotel is good! Sounds like one lucky guy!!

    1. Since the typical Venetian breakfast is coffee and a pastry, I am not sure 'amazing breakfast' exists. One will only find a more elaborate offering in large hotels. For atmosphere, there are the Gritti with a dining terrace on the Grand Canal and the Danieli with a rooftop dining room. Of course there are the cafes on Piazza San Marco: Florian and Quadri. Neither open until around 10am. And if you are ambitious, there is the Cipriani on the Giudecca. Keep in mind that one will be eating among mostly visitors and the all food might not be amazing.

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        "Wedding breakfast" refers to the meal after the wedding ceremony; it may be lunch, it may be dinner, but it is never breakfast.

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          Sorry, forgot that the term 'wedding breakfast' is a typically English expression, which is referring to the meal after the wedding ceremony. So will be looking for somewhere at lunchtime. x

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            Let me try again. From my experience with Venice, great ambiance and great food usually do not go hand in hand. If money is not an issue and one orders simply, the Gritti, Danieli and Capriani would be fun though still mostly eating with visitors. For food, I think the best is Fiaschetteria Toscana. The decor is subduely elegant and the service is proper but not formal. For canal view, Ai Gondelieri is good. Da Ivo has great food and nice atmosphere. I really like Vini de Gigio with a warm and friendly staff and very good food but it might be a little too trattoria like.

        2. Among the places where we've eaten, the one with the best combination of food and atmosphere has to be Agli Alboretti (Dorsoduro). The pergola-covered dining area in the back courtyard is fabulously romantic and beautiful. That combined with excellent food and polished-yet-friendly service make this a place you'll want to consider. Incidentally, the food is a modern interpretation of Venetian food and includes some decidedly non-traditional options.

          For a more detailed decription of our tasting menu dinner experience at Alboretti, you could read my post after our summer trip to Venice.

          Fiaschetteria Toscana (Cannaregio) is an excellent restaurant that has a nice veranda structure, although it's several steps down on the romantic scale compared to Agli Alboretti. The landscaping and medieval cistern in the veranda contribute to a nicer atmosphere than the location in the center of a public courtyard across the street from the restaurant would suggest.

          URL for the photo gallery of the hotel:

          Ignore the photos of the hotel, but you can see three photos of the pergola-covered restaurant courtyard at this web site.

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          1. re: Indy 67

            indy, thanks for the slideshow. those patios are so inviting. ps, how may diff. bedrooms did you stay in?

            1. re: alkapal

              Actually, in our trips to Venice, we've never stayed in the Agli Alboretti hotel although we've eaten both lunch and dinner in the restaurant. Our trips have been warm weather trips so we've eaten outdoors. I don't have any strong recollection about the appearance of the indoor dining room. I know it exists; everyone has to walk through it to reach the courtyard. I don't think anyone was seated inside any time we ate there. (FWIW, this was not the case with Fiaschetteria Toscana. Both the interior and outdoor dining areas were filled.)

          2. Thanks so far for everybody's replies and reports. From checking the Venice boards in the past I had come up with these restaurants, but just for their food:

            Alle Testiere
            Osteria de Santa Marina
            Vini da Gigio
            Fiashetteria Toscana

            and then the two with the Michelin stars:

            Da Fiore
            The Met

            But some of their interiors weren't quite as I had in mind. I will go on line and find photos of everybodys suggestions so far, (thanks for the web address of Agli Alboretti).

            I would still be interested to hear from anybody who has eaten at The Met.

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            1. re: Laa Laa

              I haven't posted here in forever, but I wanted to tell you that we had a lovely meal at Osteria de Santa Marina in October. Service was very friendly, there were a few nice touches (a amuse bouche, for one) and it was pretty. The food was very good.

              I had researched Venice to death, having not really had great meals there in the past. We just stumbled upon Santa Marina, and it was our favorite dining experience of the trip. The prices were reasonable, considering the level of the food and service. I think we spent about 110 Euro for dinner. My husband loved the white they served him by the glass. I don't drink wine, so didn't really note it, but he had two glasses, so the bill included those.

              Despite being very close to San Marco, the Campo Santa Marina is not at all on the tourist trail, and tables on the somewhat quiet campo were nice.

              I just can't see myself squeezing into the crowds about F. Toscana in June, for a wedding meal.

              I don't know anything about the eponymous hotel on C. Santa Marina, but it looked rather nice.

              1. re: debkurt

                Are you referring to L' Osteria di Santa Marina, Campo Santa Marina 5911 in the Cannaregio District? If so, this is nowhere near San Marco other than being in Venice; therefore, I am confused. It sounds great and I would like to try it.

                1. re: BN1

                  Osteria di Santa Marina is in Castello, not Cannaregio - but very close to both San Marco and Cannaregio.

                  1. re: Shannon

                    Thanks, now I've found it on Google Maps. Mapquest on the Zagat site shows that restaurant at the address I listed to be in Cannaregio by the Getto and near the train station. I am still somewhat confused as I wonder if there are two with the same name? I'm going in a couple of weeks and I want to find it. Oh well, finding a restaurant in Venice is almost a satisfying as a good meal.



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                      BN1: your first link above, at Campo Santa Marina in Castello, is the place where we had the great dinner. Schie in an ink sauce over polenta was the amuse, if I remember correctly. And when I said the service was friendly, I should have said that it was also very professional.

            2. You may want to consider Al Covo. It does attract tourists, particularly Americans, mainly because of the owners, a husband and wife team (he is Venetian and she is from Texas, and they are so nice and welcoming), but this does not in any way diminish the quality of the food and ambiance. The atmosphere is charming, the service is polished, and the food is just superb. Cesare is the chef and Diane is the pastry chef, so desserts, which are usually a weak point in Venice, are delicious here. We have dined there on two different trips to Venice, and it only seems to get better with time.