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Jan 23, 2008 03:23 AM

Zin or Blend for a night in the Valley?

I want to take my girlfriend out for a great dinner.

I'm looking for a place with excellent food and a casual, fun atmosphere, but the food definitely takes precedence. I think I've narrowed it down to Zin and Blend. Which one? Anything that can't be missed at either of these places?

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  1. I posted as well and got no responses.. after everything I read were going to Blend on Friday night.. Not sure when you are going ..I wont be back until next Tues..But I can let you know..

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      Thanks for the response. I won't be in town until the Feb 11th and we're booked at Blend on Feb 13th. Yes, please let me know what you thought of it.

      Then I'm getting married on Feb 17th. Yikes!!!

    2. It would help to know which valley you are referring to.

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      1. re: PolarBear

        Yeah, I guess you're right. I just figured that the chowhounds who live in the Valley I'm talking about would know from the places I mentioned. I was referring to the Coachella Valley, the are that includes Palm Springs and surrounding towns. I'll try not to be so vague next time :-)

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          Yeah, my guess was up in the Healdsburg area since there's a Zin (highly reco'd) restaurant there (which is covered on the SF Board), Blend, however, threw me. Have you searched the CA Board for Zin and/or Blend? I just put both into the search engine and came up with this, if it's any help:

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            ....please remember that the idea is to allow access for ALL Chowhounds to information. Best not to assume that only your "locals" will want/need to be in on the conversation. This goes double for areas that are popular travel destinations.

            Many congrats on the upcoming happy day . Relax--you'll be surrounded by people who care about you! It'll be fantastic!

        2. I will absolutely let you know!!! We are also going to Beefsteak and Bing Crosby..for fun.. but Blend does sound great.... Congratulations on the up coming!

          1. I am sure you will enjoy either one. Blend is more expensive and upscale and Zin is more casual but with great food. I like the wine list better at Zin. Wine Spectator award and good $$
            congrats and many happy years

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            1. re: psfoodgirl

              Thanks very much for your thoughtful responses and for wishing us well on our upcoming wedding. I found a great girl and she loves great food almost as much as I do. And she's loved hiking, canoe tripping and the outdoors in general. What more could I ask for???

              I'll report back on Blend after we go. Thanks again.

              1. re: acd123

                Hey just got back from our four day weekend.. We did Blend on a Friday night.. I love food and am into that,but I am also about ambience.. so I rack my points up a bit differently depending on how good I look in the lighting!.. and how noisy it was etc..

                Blend is in a house.. the decor is someone starting out.. bright colored wlalls etc.. bright blue ducting above.. very noisy. There was a wedding going on in a section that was somewhat open to the restaurant.. and there were a few large tables set.. for 10 to 15 .. luckily they didnt arrive when we were there.. the lighting to me was awful.. very glarish..
                ok aside from that service very attentive. the pot roast to die for.. It was called re-constructed.. out of short ribs I believe. Absolutely wonderful My plate has never been so clean.. My husband had the rabbit pasta which was very good,we also had it for lunch at least three times!.. the sld I would say was great.. cant remmeber it.. We didnt have desert.. had nice cocktails.. and a great wine..The bar is no bug deal there. If you are staying out that way.. or i would make the trip.. go to la Quinta for a drink first.. Normally in the great weather there is a band on the patio.. so not sure what the bar deal is inside..although I know they have one and the nice Azur restaurant. so pretty to walk around there though. and its just down the street.

                We also went too Beefsteak in case anyone wants to know.. Bangkok 5..for elegant thai.. and Bing Crosbys.. that was fun.. the food not incredible ..but actually my pork chop was delicious...but the atmosphere there was great..and the bar... good piano player..

                oh and we did Normas today(Parker hotel) for lunch/brnch.. ok well it was a Tues and we were the only ones there. food great.. should be.. lunch was 70.00 for two entrees.. and a diet coke and lemonade!! and that was huevas (sp?)rancheros.. etc.. but it was really good...

                have a great time...

                Anyway not sure if you were looking for great food or a romantic night.. it was to me bright and very noisy.. but the food very nice..I would go back..but knowing what it was like..

            2. I ate at Zin a few months ago and had a wonderful meal. I also recommend Beefsteak.