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Jan 23, 2008 02:36 AM

Clover coffee? That is so yesterday!

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  1. I must be missing out on how this clocks in at $20,000. These siphon units are older than I am. OK, halogen lamps and probably programmable, but still...

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    1. re: Pincus

      This is nothing but the old vaccum coffee pots! Geesh. Barnum is right!

      1. re: Quine

        Ah, history. Everything old is new again.

        But hey, talk enough about "complex notes" and "becoming one with the bamboo" and $20,000 seems like a bargain!

    2. Why is that "so yesterday"? Call me a rube, but I've never heard of it.

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      1. re: Suzy Q

        The device with the two globes seems to be an old-fashioned vacuum coffee-maker. To many people, practicing for weeks on how to stir the coffee in the top globe seems very obsessive. But then, they aren't robbing banks, so what the heck.

      2. I have often wondered if hooking my coffeemaker up to the Internet would nrew a tastier cup.:)

        1. A more realistic report much more informing than the sensational and misleading NY Times story.

          1. Ok, the $20,000 relates to the whole coffee bar package, Whether you like the coffee pots or not is irrelevant. It is about theme and content.

            Sorta like Starbucks. How much would you pay to set up a Starbucks shop. And they don't even make a decent cup. It's all about atmosphere and ambiance. It's a cultural thing.

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            1. re: blackjava

              As said, an example of sensationalism on the part of the NY Times.