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Jan 22, 2008 11:03 PM

Any place to get Nachos or Spaghetti made with BBQ Sauce?

I've been seeing this on the food network shows....sometimes I see people making either Spaghetti or Nachos using BBQ sauce and pulled pork or smoked brisket......

anywhere in LA I can get this kind of thing?

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  1. Spring Street Smokehouse serves brisket with penne. I haven't tried the pasta, but their bbq sauce is somewhat sweet.

    Spring Street Smokehouse BBQ
    640 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

    1. The best I can suggest is the Nachos Especialle (?) at Carnitas Michaocan on North Broadway above Chinatown at 19th. They offer a special nachos with the melty cheese and a heap of chips, and top it with peppers and quac sauce and a choice of meat. They usually would use carne asada, which they do pretty well. But I'd get the al pastor, which is superlative there, sliced off of a rotisserie spit. What brings it home is the salsa roja -- they have the best in town. Thin, brick-red, smoky, spicy, hot, is the elixer of the gods.

      I know what you mean watching the food network, especially the Diners and Dives show. They repeated their BBQ segment this week. They showed places that roast the beans with the brisket edges, or make the BBQ-sauced spaghetti. Don't know of any places in L.A. that do that, but I'd call Porky's -- they are always offering new sides and have good sauces, hot or vinegary, and serve the best pulled pork I've had in L.A.

      1. I was at 26 Beach yesterday and the owner was playing in the kitchen making new stuff for his staff to try, one of the things was bbq chicken nachos. They said it would be on the menu in the next few weeks. Wouldn't let me taste it till he got it the way he wanted, but damn it looked and smelled good.

        1. Boneyard Bistro has it on their brunch menu. I think it's only on Sunday. You could call and see if they'd do it for lunch or dinner. They probably would.