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Jan 22, 2008 09:44 PM

Pommegranate Molasses-Where to Buy it?


I've become facinated with the pommegranate fruit since I heard that it has so many health benefits. I consumme an 8 ounce glass each morning. NOW, I've heard about "Pommegranate Molasses" and I'm anxious to scout it out.
Can any Toronto Chowhand assist me by informing where this product can be found?
What do YOU use it with?

BTW, Rubicon brand pure Pommegranite Juice in the cardboard litre box is on sale this week at Basics Grocery for $2.29. Compare with the Pomme brand at over $4.00 per bottle.

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  1. Bulk Barn has it.

    Mid-eastern recipes use it. Try getting a Wolfert book from the library. Here's a sample

    1. Nasr Mart on Lawrence around Pharmacy has it and many other incredible eatables.

      1. Any store with a mid eastern clientele will have it. All along Lawrence East, North Bathurst, and North Yonge, Ararat, etc. It's also at some supermarkets in relevant neighbourhoods and at most high end stores (though at ridiculous prices there). The mid eastern stores also sell pure pomegranate juice at very low prices, though you will likely want to sweeten this stuff before drinking.

        1. fruglescot, if you ever do make it to Makkah, you can combine a visit with your search for pomengranite molasses: it is available at the little pakistani/afghani shops across the street from Makkah, next to the mosque (currently under construcion).

          1. I've bought it in NoFrills, if you go to one in a culturally diverse area (probably most of them). I've used it in homemade BBQ sauce for ribs as an additional flavour. I often use tamarind pulp, but the molasses gives a certain tang.

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              Your right about the sauce made from Tamarind, Youngeman, I make a "Tamarind-Mesquite" flavoured sauce for my ribs but now I'll have to try making a sauce utilizing the Pommegranate molasses. So many wonderful flavours out there.