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Jan 22, 2008 09:14 PM

January 23 - National Pie Day. How are you going to Celebrate?

Just found out it's National Pie Day tomorrow, Wed 1/23/08. It's always Jan 23, gotta remember it forever & ever. I love pie.

How are You going to celebrate? Favorite pies? Pie shops?

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  1. If i had known before this minute, and it is far too late at 1:30 Am to get a crust ready to go for tomorrow evening, it would be a strusel topped sour cream apple pie made from Cortlands i toted back from the NE over Christmas to make the same pie and have not had any time to get to since. Maybe next week. Work and a volunteering project have me tied up until then.

    1. Chicken Pot Pie. I made it this evening ready to bake tomorrow.

      1. Today! Not tomorrow! Wish I'd had a bit more heads up!
        I'll make a lemon meringue. I have everything in the house already. First thing in the morning!
        Thanks for letting us know! I love holidays!

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          Yes, Pi Day is definitely 3-14. March 14th!!!!!!! But inlaws think Jesus was really born like on tax day or something. Seriously.

        2. If you miss today, don't forget you can celebrate again in March. There's another Pi Day. Fill a crust for self and family, fund raising for the local math club, or simply in homage to that astoundingly never-ending number.

            1. re: Scrapironchef

              That's funny, I made a Shepherd's Pie the other day. I guess I'll have to eat the leftovers tonight. That counts, right?