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Jan 22, 2008 08:11 PM

Restaurant Week: The Modern - Bar Room

I just returned from a meal at the modern - bar room, and I must say that it was the best restaurant week meal I have eaten. Unlike most places, the modern allows you to choose any appetizer, main, and dessert on the menu. I went with three friends, so was able to sample four of each. Every single dish was fantastic. In particular I would recommend: (Appetizers) the Scallops and the Veal & Goat Cheese terrine, (Main) the Duck Confit and the Quail, and any of the desserts.

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  1. Wow! That is an amazing deal! unfortunately, i've been there and hate their food...but still...

    How much? 35?

    1. I agree, i went last summer and really really enjoyed it. I think ive had better RW meals, but it was very very very good!

      1. i was there last night! it was excellent. i had the duck confit--and i really enjoyed it....considered the quail, and now that you gave it a glowing recommendation i'm almost tempted to go back. ha

        in response to bastet, i went last year for RW, which was good but---this year blew that out of the water.

        1. Went there last night with three friends as well. I had the scallops for my first course, gnocchi for my entree and the salted caramel parfait for dessert. All three were amazing. I also tried a bite of my friends' Arctic char tartare and goat cheese salad appetizers, and the hangar steak and quail entrees. The goat cheese and hangar steak were excellent; I wasn't actually blown away by the quail but then, I'm not sure how much I like quail to begin with. The barley with chorizo on the side tasted too hammy to me.

          I would definitely go back, but alas, being less than a year out of college I doubt that will happen unless I find myself a sugar daddy...

          1. I could not find it on the resturant week list for some reason, are you sure it's still on?

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                Were reservations necessary for dinner? Or can you go early when they open or eat at the bar?

                1. re: gtrekker2003

                  The restaurant week dinner menu is only available at the Bar Room of The Modern. I highly doubt that there will be tables available during restaurant weeks without reservation as the restaurant is fully booked for the 2 weeks already!