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Jan 22, 2008 07:28 PM

fried chicken

the last great fried chicken i had was at blue smoke on 27th st in nyc
i thought Juniors was good but that was at lease 4 years ago
please no kfc (downer chicken) type joints. bay ridge a plus!
thanx gt

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  1. Sidecar on 5th Ave. between 15th and 16th has really good fried chicken.

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    1. re: jacobdev

      tried it early on, it was over cooked & dry.
      the dr tucker cocktail was excellet

    2. Best fried chicken I've ever had was at Bubby's in Tribeca...but hey, they have a location in DUMBO! The chicken is brined for 24 hours. Don't get the Chicken Fried Chicken...get the Buttermilk Soaked Fried Half Chicken. It's worth it!

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      1. re: myclawyer

        Oh, and lest I forget...the Michigan Sour Cherry Pie is the best tasting pie I've ever had. I know of no other place that sells sour cherry pie.

      2. Henry's End has outstanding Fried Chicken.

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        1. re: Fleur

          Went and had it (for the millionth time) two nights ago (Friday). Believe is excellent.

        2. Don't forget to try some of the Korean fried chicken shops. Search previous topics for discussions.

          1. Try Amy Ruths in Harlem (soul food) best fried chicken & waffles going

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            1. re: howster

              A branch of Amy Ruth's is opening in the old Gage & Tollner space downtown on Valentine's day.

              I haven't had any recent experiences, but I remember Blue Ribbon makes great fried chicken and it being pricey.