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Jan 22, 2008 07:04 PM

Lewisville lunch

I work off of E. Corporate Drive. Any suggestions for lunch hour? I know the mall is nearby... but I'd like something a little more. Any help would be appreciated... I'm not from the area.

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  1. Well if you like Greek / Mediterranean there is a okay buffet on the left at the first signal light past the mall.

    1. Keykey,

      I live in Lewisville and have scouted out the area pretty thoroughly. Mill Street Cafe is supposedly to have the best Chicken Fried Steak in Denton County. Old Town Market also on Mill St has some good BBQ plates and good summer sausage (for warmer days) as does Dats Good BBQ around the corner a bit on Main St heading east. Dats Good is a bit pricey but their greens are the best I have ever had, makes it worth it. Weck's on Main St is a New Mexico style diner (green & red chile sauce). Cristina's on Round Grove Rd (west of the mall by one light (Rockbrook Dr @ Round Grove Rd) is our favorite Tex-Mex place. Might get crowded at lunch? I have heard from several of my friends that Taqueria Dona Carmen is good (in the shopping center on the east side of 35 @ Business 121). Irodguy suggested It's Greek To Me, not my favorite Greek place but it suffices. Don't try out Pho Que Houng on Round Grove it is awful. There is KalBee House on Round Grove Rd towards Carrollton in between 35 and 121 (about a block off 121 to the north). There aren't any Chinese worth noting (my wife and I drive to Carollton to First Chinese BBQ and the Vietnamese places there). The best sandwich place is Jimmy John's. I happen to like them a lot since we don't have a deli in Lewisville. There is a Jimmy Johns caddy corner to Cristinas on Round Grove. I haven't tried it yet but I have heard some good things about Sweet Basil for thai food on 121 @ 35 a couple of doors down from Best Buy (NWC of 35 @121). Same shopping center there is a Magnolia Cafe, had a slice of cake from there that was awesome. I believe they have sandwiches/soups for lunch. Other than that Lewisvilel is pretty much out of options. The Oishi on Main St & Garden Ridge is great for sushi (from your location it would be a long lunch trip)

      1. Lewisville seems to be chain city.

        I was looking at soulslinger's recs, (soulslinger, you are always SO thorough...great posts!) and if you like country cooking, Mill Street Cafe is pretty good. I tried something called potato chip chicken there one time. It was extremely greasy. At first, i didn't know what to think about the stuff, but then oddly enough, i was craving the potato chip chicken the next day. Also, Magnolia Cafe is great for sandwiches! Finally, i know it is a fast food chain, but i love Chipotle on south bound I-35 near the mall.

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          Potato chip chicken tenders were a long time favorite of mine at a Fry Street eatery in Denton that has been long gone from the UNT campus(Jimmy Johns oddly enough took its spot). Wonder if the same cook shared his recipe with the Mill Street Cafe a mystery insues!!

          1. re: soulslinger

            State Club Grill was the name of the Fry Street eatery that came to me on my lunch hour.

            1. re: soulslinger

              Alfredo's corner of Corporate & Business 121

              I prefer Baan Thai over Sweet Basil, Round Grove @ Deer Run.
              I second the Kalbee House recommendation
              For chinese, it's probably too far away for lunch - Chopstix Round Grove @ Valley Pkwy

              An alternative to Jimmy John's - Bronx St in strip fronting Hebron of the Target parking lot

              Taqueria Guadalajara Fox @ 35

              Breakfast for lunch:
              Ham & Eggs - Round Grove past 121

              I can't think of a place I go to get one in Lewisville, googled "lewisville burger" because that didn't seem possible, but apparently I don't eat burgers here. I'd try the Old Town Flying Pig on Main east of 35 and G's Burger Den, because I keep meaning to stop at a place that sells catfish, burgers and funnel cake - NW corner of Corporate & 35

          1. Tierney's on Main St (west of the hospital on the south side) is pretty good. Their potato chip chicken is famous.. but I go for the steak salad.

            Main St Cafe
            101 N Broadway, Premont, TX 78375