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Jan 22, 2008 06:50 PM

Best Ravioli

My mother-in-law lives in Wyoming, and when she gets to town, one of her favorite things to do it eat food she can't get in cattle country (basically anything that is not a good steak). On her last visit here, she kept talking about ravioli but we never got around to anything Italian, sticking to pho and fried clams and a bunch of other stuff. Anyhow, she is due back soon and I would love to take her out for ravioli.

What's the best? Fancy is fine, but something casual in the North End or a hidden gem like Vinny's Superette might be even more exciting. Who makes good homeade raviolis?

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  1. If you decide to buy and make at home, I love both Dave's Fresh Pasta (Davis Square) and Capones (Union Square.) They are different and yet I enjoy both. Dave's is all about the filling. Lots of filling to pasta ratio, while Capones is all about the pasta with just enough filling to satisfy. At the very least, buy a small six-pack cooler and send her home with raviolis.

    Enjoy the visit.

    1. A couple I've had and enjoyed lately:

      Foie gras ravioli with duck meatballs at Grotto (app, two of each)

      Truffled butternut squash ravioli in sage brown butter, topped with a fried egg, at Pops (also an app, but not tiny)

      Lobster ravioli with salmon, tomatoes, and peas in lemon vodka sauce at Carlo's Cucina Italiana (maybe my second-favorite inexpensive Italian place)

      Trattoria Toscana always has a housemade ravioli on its menu. It's my favorite inexpensive Italian restaurant, though I haven't ordered the ravioli there lately. Last time out it was ribollita (the best rendition in town, I think), a new pasta whose name I forget that's kind of like an earlier menu's pasta del buongustaio (a fierce basil sauce and pancetta), and a great salumi plate. Can't get enough of that place.

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        Here are the two Grotto has on their current menu:

        Crab Ravioli, asparagus, almonds, and saffron.

        Sweet potato revioli, roasted chestnuts, pomegranates, sage, parmesan, and brown butter.

      2. I have to vote for the buy and take home version from Bella Ravioli in South Medford on Main Street. You can also get some great sauce (gravy) and meatballs there too... Get the large sized ones for the ravioli lovers delight! I usually only get teh cheese ones (my 1st love) but they also have many other versions... none of which will disappoint.

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          Yes, I couldn't agree more about Bella Ravioli in South Medford. This is where the older generation of Italian and Irish folks who live around me go, and for good reason. Nothing like buying a box of them with their homemade sauce on the way back from work and making a nice meal at home...

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            Oh man, now I want some of their Rav's! When I lived in Medford, Bella's was a staple of ours! I loved the spinach and the cheese.

          2. From Northend Prezza's handmade pasta menu:
            -Ravioli Ripieni con L'Uovo - Oversized ravioli stuffed w/egg yolk & ricotta tossed w/brown butter & sage(a CH favorite).
            -Ricotta Ravioli, sausage, roasted tomato, toasted garlic, broccoli rabe & Parmigiano
            -Potato Raviolini w/pulled rabbit, thyme, butter & Parmigiano

            1. One of my favs is the Raviolini Aperto at Terramia in the North End. It's a single, giant, pseudo-open faced ravioli with scallops and shrimp in a lobster mascarpone cream.

              Here's a bad pic from their website:


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              1. re: Bostonbob3

                yes, i remember enjoying that seafood ravioli dish more than 10 years ago!
                glad to see that they still offer it!

                1. re: nasilemak

                  That and the lobster fritters (mmmm) are always on the menu.

                  The rest of it changes fairly regularly, depending on the season and the chef's latest trip to Italy.