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New Japanese in Mamaroneck...and Haiku!

I noticed today a sign saying a new restaurant is opening on Mam'k Avenue, it said Sushi or hibachi or something (not sure, but definitely sushi) near the railroad station, almost across the road from Abis. And right next to the CVS we saw a sign today advertising the opening of HAIKU - the same as the one in Bronxville!

I'm not a huge sushi fan and there is already WAY TOO MUCH sushi in that 3 block stretch of Mamaroneck, but I do like Haiku a lot.

Anyone heard about this?!

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  1. Yes, I asked here if Haiku in Bronxville was a good sushi place, after I saw the same sign on Saturday.

    One of my favorites is Toyo, and I was wondering how Haiku compared.

    1. No info on Haiku uberkelly - haven't noticed but will take a look. However, just wanted to add that I totally agree with you about the quantity of sushi/Japanese restaurants on that strip of Mamaroneck Ave and as I'm not a huge sushi fan either, I think there's just way too much sushi in Westchester altogether...especially when compared to a dearth of so many other cuisine options.

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      1. re: laylag

        I think there is a big Japanese expat community here.

        1. re: doc_k55

          Yes, doc there is, quite a large one. Still, I think there are as many Japanese restaurants as there are expats. It's disproportionate.

      2. Mamaroneck Ave. has Abis, Toyo, Nara, and now TWO new places coming. I agree. I'd like to see some other cuisines. I don't like sushi. I am that pathetic loser who goes into Japanese restaurants and eats the Americanized teriyaki dishes or a bowl of soba noodles.

        What is the already existing Haiku like? The sign on the window where they're sticking it says, "Asian Bistro". Does it have a wide variety of selections other than sushi?

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          Avalon - Ha, that's me too. I actually like Toyo because they have some really good noodle soups. There are way, way too many Japanese places there. It's just ridiculous.

          I was excited when Rani Mahal opened because we needed an Indian place. Now I'd like a Thai place. I'd trade 3 sushi places for one Thai.
          Or you know what else we need...How about a pub! Duck Inn doesn't cut it.

          Off topic.. anyone know anything about that abandoned bar on Mam'k Ave? Think it had a sign that said something "Haus". Looked German. It's been sitting there empty a long time.

          I've been to Haiku in Bronxville twice and it may be a bit on the pricey side but my food was delicious. They have way more than sushi - I got a yummy Malaysian curry there.

          Also - heard a Starbucks is opening right next to Sal's.

          1. re: uberkelly

            Oh rats. That place with the drop dead gorgeous stained glass windows is empty??? Please don't tell me that Sal will buy it and tear out the windows.

            1. re: dolores

              Actually, that place with the stained glass windows is not next to Sal's - several stores down. It was some "haus" thing, I presume a german restaurant which would have been a nice alternative on occassion but has been closed for the 2 1/2 years we've lived here. Anyway, as you probably know, Sal opened a gelateria (pricey and not that good) on the east side of his store next to Cafe Mozart. Now, the store on the other side is being worked on. I had presumed, very possibly mistakenly, that Sal was going to expand the pizzeria there but uberkelly's info is that it's a Starbucks. I guess the one on Boston Post Road next to Mamaroneck High School and the one on Palmer Ave in Larchmont and the one on Purchase in Rye - all within a few miles of each other, are just not enough. More Starbucks, more sushi - Oy! I'd give anything for a Thai or Korean or just about anything except another Japanese.

              1. re: laylag

                laylag - thanks for the info. I could be wrong about the Starbucks (hopefully) - I just overheard someone on the street saying it.

                The sign on the sushi place said Sushi Bar Japanese Bistro. Or was it Asian bistro? Argh, I made a point to remember what it said but I forgot....

                1. re: uberkelly

                  Also, Turkish Meze bought the place next to it and is expanding. This is for sure. :)

                  1. re: uberkelly

                    That is great news uberkelly. Love Meze and it would be nice to have more room in there - kind of squishy and often very crowded.

                2. re: laylag

                  Starbucks was slated to open there in the space next to Sal's. It is not a done deal yet, there has been a lot of back and forth.

                  1. re: momof3

                    Oh please no! We have an independent coffe shop right next store. What do we need Starbucks for??????

                    I hate the way chains are slowly seeping their way into Mamaroneck Ave, - one of the last few bastions of non-upscale Mom and Pop places in suburbia.

                    Starbucks can never have enough stores. Even in other countries they multiply like rabbits. Go to the Charing Cross station in London and you will find three Starbucks all on the same side street with another one right around the block on The Strand.

                    1. re: Avalondaughter

                      I agree avalon - the mom and popness of Mamaroneck Ave was one of the things that endeared me to the neighborhood when we were moving up here. Then Cold Stone came and several stores have closed. I don't like it one bit. As for Cafe Mozart being so close to that space, I hope that the fact that they are a regular restaurant and more than a coffee shop should help them. But they do a decent amount of just coffee and dessert business especially in the later evenings and I hate to see Starbuck's encroaching.

                      1. re: Avalondaughter

                        I still love Mamaroneck and think we have a great variety of decent restaurants. Just think - we have Italian, Mexican, Moroccan, Japanese, French, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Turkish and hotdogs and great pizza all within a small area. I still think that's pretty good!

                        Thanks for the info on the Hofbrau. I always wondered about it.

                        I think Cold Stone is gone - right next to the movie theatre, right? Pretty sure it's gone.

                        I was also really sad to see Mamaroneck Farm go.. they had the best selection of cheap herbs and international chocolate!

                        Does anyone here go to the Tea House? It always seems empty and I wonder how it stays open. I went once and it was pleasant and the food was good, but it was pricey.

                        1. re: uberkelly

                          I've been to the Tea House a few times just for a light lunch wtih friends and once or twice for dessert. I think the desserts are great and I love the iced coffee with ice cream on a hot day. I hope they make it.

                          That Cold Stone has been gone for a few weeks now. I wonder what happened there. It always looked crowded.

                          1. re: Avalondaughter

                            uberkelly, I was also surprised, nay, blown away, by Mamaroneck Farms leaving town.

                            I was happy with Haagen Daz and wouldn't step foot in a Cold Stone, so I wasn't unhappy to see it go.

                            On a store that should in no way have been chosen as the 'best', has anyone been to Chocolations? I found their truffles dreadful, but they were recently voted 'the best truffle'!

                            I for one hope Le Provencal never ever leaves.

                            1. re: dolores

                              I was told Mamaroneck Farms left because their rent was too high - something like 10k a month.

                              Payless Shoes is also closing.

                              The owner of the former Hofbrau place just doesn't want to give it up.

                              I got this info after chatting with a merchant. :)

                              And Turkish Meze is officially expanded!

                              Also, check out the Cave wine place on Mam'k Ave if you haven't already. They have free wine tastings on Sat at 1pm.

                              1. re: uberkelly

                                Darn, I liked Payless.

                                Thanks, uberkelly, I'll stop in Cave next time I'm on the Ave.

                    2. re: laylag

                      It was called Jos. Huber's Hofbrau and I don't know if I have ever seen in open. I've lived in the neighborhood for over 6 years now.

                      1. re: Avalondaughter

                        That was it, thanks Avalondaughter. I am sorry I never got to see how those stained glass windows looked from the inside.

                        I still haven't tried Piccolo Mulino yet, although I did find it at least.

                        I too wasn't happy when Cold Stone came in (did they since leave?) nor when A&J took over Mercurio. I am always happy to see the lack of a line inside that new store, since Mercurio always packed them to the rafters.

                        It's sad that Mamaroneck is going the way of White Plains.

                        There's still Larchmont and Rye, though, isn't there?

                        1. re: dolores

                          There is still Larchmont and Rye if you want snooty, upper-crust Mother and Father places, but Mamaroneck has the Mom 'n' Pop for the common folk.

                          1. re: Avalondaughter

                            Me, want snooty? Hoo boy, heck no. We don't get much to either town, actually.

              2. Yes, you are correct. I don't know when they plan to have their grand opening, but so much construction is going on inside and it looks like it'll be a really nice place. The address is 265 Mamaroneck Avenue, Mamaroneck, NY 10543.

                1. Does anyone know what happened to Haiku in Mamaroneck? I was excited to try it and assumed that it would be opening any day since there has been work going on for a while. My husband passed by the other day and told me that there was a 'For Rent' sign outside. As of last week, the other place slated to open over there, Umami, hadn't opened either. Weird.

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                  1. re: valerie

                    Saw that too Valerie but not sure the For Rent sign applies to the Haiku space as there are several spaces nearby it that are vacant. From what I can see through the boards, the Haiku sign is up and a significant amount of work has been done. I'd heard that Umami has legal troubles over the use of the name.

                    1. re: laylag

                      Haiku is slated to open very soon. They are also opening one in White Plains on Mamaroneck Avenue. White Plains also has way too many Asain restaurants. There are three new ones slated to open including Hauiku..

                      1. re: kaaaassss

                        Both Mamaroneck and White Plains are listed on the Haiku website. No openning dates.


                        1. re: debmom

                          Yes, I saw them listed, but it just seems strange to me that they have been working for so many months and it hasn't opened.

                  2. Haiku seems like it's creeping closer to opening. Umami has been under construction the longest, but shows no signs of opening.

                    There is a store for rent sign on Haiku, but the Haiku coming soon sign is still up. I do sometimes see peole working on the place when I am home during the daytime.

                    Now Red Plum is starting to advertise a bit more about its upcoming opening. Let's see if this stuff is going to happen or not.

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                    1. re: Avalondaughter

                      What is Red Plum and where is it supposed to open Avalon?

                      1. re: laylag

                        Red Plum is taking up the space where Coldstone and Century 21 used to be, right next to Toyo Sushi. When I go by it during the daytime, it hardly looks ready to open anytime soon, but a couple of days ago they put out a "coming soon" sign. It's an Asian Fusion restaurant, according to the sign.

                        1. re: Avalondaughter

                          I didn't realize that space was going to be another Asian Restaurant. What a yawn.

                          1. re: laylag

                            Pretty sure that Red Plum is the place being opened by the owner of Toyo. It is going to be a Sake Bar and will sport a different menu with different types of dishes. Emphasis will be Japanese cuisine, but different preparations than the one available at Toyo, and for an adult crowd rather the more family oriented Toyo.

                            1. re: Bar_Y04

                              Red Plum is now open for business...it is owned by Lum Yen.

                                1. re: kaaaassss

                                  Right near Haiku which is right near Toyo which is right near...well, you get the idea.

                                  How about a Vietnamese restaurant, anyone?

                                  1. re: dolores

                                    there is a turkish restaurant opening in white plains.

                                2. re: bac528

                                  Is it? They certainly didn't have any fanfare. There were no announcements or grand opening signs. It looks completed, but it hardly looks open.

                                  1. re: Avalondaughter

                                    It's on Mamaroneck Avenue...One day it was a little Chile/hot dog type place and the next day it was gone with a sign in the window announcing a turkish restaurant. It's near the Duncan Donuts towards the movie theatre.

                                  2. re: bac528

                                    I haven't eaten in Lum Yen in 10 years. How is it?

                                    1. re: bac528

                                      "it is owned by Lum Yen."

                                      That plus the overabundance of Asian on Mmk Ave. doesn't inspire me to give it a try. Hope someone does go and post and gives me a reason to get interested. Still haven't gone to Haiku. Just the idea of more pan-Asian or Japanese here bores me silly.

                                      1. re: laylag

                                        Same here, laylag. Lum Yen wasn't even very good way back when. Are they still open?

                                        Have you been to Sushi Nanase, laylag. They've spoiled me for all other sushi places.

                                        1. re: dolores

                                          Lum Yen is still open and thriving.

                                          Red Plum still hasn't opened, but they have posted their menu, and it looks really good. It looks better than Haiku's. I'm actually rather excited about trying the place.

                                      2. re: bac528

                                        Red Plum is NOT owned by Lum Yen.

                              1. re: Avalondaughter

                                Haiku in White Plains won't be opening for a while. They haven't starting working on it yet. It is going to take the place of Aculpulco on Mamaroneck Avenue by Post Road.

                              2. Haiku is great. And, right now, they don' thave a liquor license, so sake and beer are on the house. The sushi quality is better than Toyo, but then, I think Toyo has gone downhill the past few months. It seems like the competition would be good... would cause Toyo to step up to the plate, but instead, it's as if there's a loss of revenue impacting their ability to invest in highest quality.

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                                1. re: jessbliss

                                  On the HOUSE? Holy cow. AND they have a non-sushi menu?

                                  I can't wait to get there.

                                  1. re: jessbliss

                                    I have been to Haiku 3 times now, and have had both their hot Asian fusion dishes and sushi. I think their cooked food is very good. Their sushi is much better than Toyo's, but still not high enough quality for me to order it again. I really like Haiku, but from now on I'm sticking to the cooked food.

                                    I also think the service is much better at Haiku. They are still a little new at it, but they really try hard to please.

                                    1. re: Shawn

                                      After having a number of nice meals at Haiku, I tried takeout last night for the first time. I was very disappointed. Unlike my eat-in experiences, where the food was nicely seasoned and fresh-tasting, our food last night was overcooked and tasteless. The chicken with eggplant that I requested to be made "very spicy" had no trace of spice whatsoever. The chicken was cooked so long it was actually falling apart, while the pieces of eggplant alternated between too soft and rock-hard. My husband had similar comments about his chicken with broccoli. Beef satay was OK, but not good enough to order again. I'll probably try takeout one more time before writing them off-- I had high hopes for Haiku becoming our go-to takeout place.

                                      1. re: Shawn

                                        That is so funny -- I had the identical experience with take-out at the Haiku in Bronxville. My son, who often orders the pad thai at the restaurant, ordered it for take-out and it was dry and bland. I ordered the chicken with eggplant extra spicy, and it was barely spicy with an unpleasant underlying sweetness that I detest in Asian food. I have had this dish in the restaurant, and it has been cooked to order, and much, much better than the take out. I wonder what gives.

                                  2. I tried Umami, yet another new Asian fusion place in Mamaroneck for lunch yesterday. I think they just opened this week. It was a little confusing because the sign outside says Umami but the menu says Ginban. So I'm not sure what the real name of the restaurant is. They did a nice job fixing it up inside-- it's a bit "swanker" than the many other fusion places on that strip. There is a big glitzy-ish bar running down the center of the restaurant. It looks like they are trying for a sake bar business, and they have a decent selection of sake at a variety of price points. The food menu, however, is pretty indistinguishable from all the other Mamaroneck/White Plains Asian fusion restaurants-- the same sushi combinations and the same handful of Thai and similar dishes that you can order with chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, etc. Really boring.

                                    I ordered a sushi roll combo for lunch. It came with soup and salad. All OK, but not wonderful. Just like all the other places. It seems strange to me that with all the Asian fusion places opening on that street, the new arrivals wouldn't try to stand out in some way. Oh, and one thing that irked me there-- the place was almost empty-- there was just me and one couple sitting at the table right behind me. The manager came over and brought the couple complementary glasses of wine. But nothing for me! I thought it was pretty bad form, given that there were only 3 of us in the whole place. I didn't hate Umami/Ginban, but I saw no reason to run back either.

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                                    1. re: Shawn

                                      I just read on Liz Johnson's Small Bites column that the restaurant is called Ginban. Evidently it opened on Monday and she was at the opening. Her article also goes on to say they are the owners of Asian Temptation in White Plains and plan on opening a hibachi style restaurant in white plains next year. We are being overrun with Asian restaurants. Asian Temptation was very good when it first opened in White Plains but has gone down hill considerably in food and service. With the opening of Soma 107 and soon Haiki in White Plains - enough already.

                                      1. re: kaaaassss

                                        Woweeee, another hibachi place! Will they have kiddie parties and the soda that ... well, what does that soda do anyway?

                                        >>We are being overrun with Asian restaurants.

                                        You're quite right.

                                        >> enough already.

                                        Quite right again.

                                        While I would like to see a Vietnamese restaurant or a Thai place, I can NOT see how all these sushi places will survive. Do the demographics warrant them all?

                                        1. re: dolores

                                          Someone in the "know" must think there is enough interest to support all of these Asian restaurants..

                                          1. re: dolores

                                            hey dolores, i was wondering if you knew of a couple viet places up in poughkeepsie still exist. i went to one a long time ago, at least 5+ years now, and remember the food being quite good. but it's funny now that i think of it, i don't think there's that many vietnamese places in the city, but correct me if i'm wrong.

                                            1. re: unocal

                                              found a link to saigon cafe...not too bad of a drive, and it's always nice goin "up the line"


                                              sounds good and fresh!

                                              i'm curious though as to why there would be vietnamese folk in the city and poughkeepsie, but not in between?

                                              1. re: unocal

                                                No, unocal, sorry. Anytime we've been to POK to visit our friends there, it's either Italian or steak. Hubby is not very adventurous and his friend is even less so.

                                                I didn't even know there were Vietnamese restaurants in POK.

                                                1. re: unocal

                                                  Saigon cafe and Miss Saigon are both in business (though Saigon Cafe might possibly be closed for vacation for a little while starting soon/now-ish? We were in there the other day and heard the owner mentioning that they were going to be visiting Vietnam for a week or two)
                                                  We've unfortunately been quite disappointed with both places, though, both in terms of execution and offering rather stripped down versions of favorite dishes. I think the banh xeo at Miss Saigon is better, but overall still not incredibly flavorful. Overcooked seafood, boring noodles, somewhat stingy portions at Saigon Cafe. I guess I can see why it makes practical and economic sense to use broccoli and cauliflower as the main veggies in dishes, but neither place has left us feeling very inspired.

                                                  Both places are very homey and run by nice people, though. The owner of Saigon Cafe, in particular, is super friendly and has an interesting story, so I do hope they continue to draw in business!! (And in answer to the question of why there are vietnamese businesses in POK, the owner of Saigon apparently originally came to the area to work for IBM)

                                                  1. re: another_adam

                                                    hmmm that is unfortunate to hear, another adam, but thanks for the heads up...i will probably try them anyway in the next few months just for the hell of it. oh well, i guess ill be hitting the bronx for my vietnamese fix, and man, i can't wait!

                                              2. re: kaaaassss

                                                Have you been to Soma 107 yet? It's not an Asian restaurant. I went last week to their grand opening and had great drinks and the appetizers were awesome. Took a look at their menu and it looks really good. It's New American food with an Asian twist.

                                            2. The noodle soup at Toyo is good. For excellent Sushi from Fish that is Fresh not Frozen go to Hajimi in Harrison on Halstead Avenue.

                                              1. Red Plum is all show and no substance. Waiters don't speak English. Managers are not responsive to issues with food. Stick with Haiku, it is a professional restaurant with a lot of experience serving Westchester. And don't say that Toyo gives Red Plum credibility. Toyo is unrefined sushi.

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                                                1. re: 1053810538

                                                  For the best Japanese food around, you must try Masaki on Halstead Ave in HArrison. They focus on Japanese "comfort food". Yes, they have rolls and sushi and have recently opened a habachi, but their entrees are much more of what you would find in a mom and pop place in Japan.
                                                  Married to a Japanese man and being from Hawaii where Japanese food is the norm, this place has the BEST JAPANESE CURRY that either of us has ever had! It is a must try! You will be hooked!

                                                  1. re: westchesterdiner

                                                    We went there several years ago and were treated like royalty. Glad to hear that it is consistent. What is Japanese Curry.

                                                    1. re: scharffenberger

                                                      Just like any other type of curry (i.e. Thai, Indian) it is a soul satisfying meal served over white ricce and usually comes with katsu. Katsu is meat that is breaded with panko flakes and lightly fried. Usually you will have a choice of chicken, pork or shrimp. Chicken Katsu Curry is a Japanese "fast-food" of sorts. It is real home style food. The curry itself is hard to describe. It is sweet, spicy, earthy, and thick all rolled into one. The owners of Masaki told us that they simmer theirs for 3 days and start off with so many vegetables that you wouldn't believe. The vegetables dissolve into the saude after that long and you are left with a simply addictive plate of food.
                                                      You really must try it. I think they charge $10.95 for a dinner plate with your choice of pork, chicken, or shrimp. As far as I've seen, it is the only Japanese restaurant that offers curry, but like I said, it is the best that my husband or I have ever had - and we've had a lot!
                                                      ANd the owners still treat everyone who walks in like royalty!
                                                      This place is a true find!

                                                      1. re: scharffenberger

                                                        I should say...the only Japanese restaurant IN THE AREA...that offers curry....

                                                        1. re: westchesterdiner

                                                          I heard Haiku is actually opening up in White Plains as well and its going to have a full bar as well. Been to almost every Haiku locations in Westchester and never been dissapointed but the rest of them doesnt have a bar which i am actually looking for after a nice meal and spending a little time with my friends for a drink. Looking forward to the new Haiku!

                                                          1. re: ngimcm

                                                            Yes they are. They are hoping to open in June. They already have their liquor license.

                                                          2. re: westchesterdiner

                                                            I like the Japanese curry they sell at the Supermarket on Central Avenue in Scarsdale. They have fried chicken cutlets bathed in Japanese curry...yum!

                                                            1. re: Sammy Diaz

                                                              which supermarket? The Asian market in the same strip mall as CPK?