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Jan 22, 2008 06:22 PM

restos near Delta Suites vancouver

I am in Vancouver for the next 5 days at the Delta suites downtown. Does anyone have any tips for places to eat within walking distance. I'm looking for breakie, lunch and dinner places. I've eaten at Guu in Gastown before and was amazed. I'm up for anything



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  1. Chambar (Belgian) is a few blocks away.
    A bit further to Yaletown is Blue Water (Seafood).
    Lucy Mae Brown (French-ish)
    You can walk towards Robson and Denman for more Izakaya (if you liked Guu) - it's a distant walk, though.

    1. Cassis at 420 West Pender is just down the block and a good bet for lunch.

      1. Salt Tasting Room - (604) 633-1912

        Cobre Restaurant
        52 Powell St (604) 669-2396

        Chill Winston
        3 Alexander Street (604) 694-2445

        Boneta Restaurant
        1 Cordova Street West
        (604) 684-1844

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