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Jan 22, 2008 06:15 PM

Canelle Patisserie - Cakes?

I'm looking to get a large cake or two medium ones for a birthday next weekend (~25 persons). I've greatly enjoyed the croissants at Canelle Patisserie and am leaning towards them for getting the cake.

Has anyone had experience with Canelle's cakes?
Which ones are the best?
How is the quality, price and deliciousness?

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  1. I brought their large chocolate mousse cake to two holiday parties and both times they were a hit with no leftovers. I think it costs $22 for the large one, but I don't think it'll be enough for 25 people. The parties I went to were around 12 people max. The chocolate mousse cake has two layers of cake with a nice even distribution of cake and mousse. The mousse tasted chocolatey and did not taste too sweet. You may want to consider asking them about a custom made one.

    I hope that helps and don't forget to come back here to share your own impressions.

    1. So far, we've had two occasions where we've purchased cakes from Cannelle. We've purchased the pineapple coconut cake and also the black forest cake. Both were outstanding and received rave reviews from our guests. As a matter of fact, people asked me where I had purchased them. The pineapple cake has fresh pineapple as opposed to that gooey canned stuff. The flavor and aroma of the chocolate in the black forest cake were strong and not overpowered by the other ingredients. This is my favorite cake so far. I've also tried their delicious pear tart. The crust is delicate and buttery and oh so good!

      On a recent visit to Cannelle, I happened to see a sheet cake that had been prepared for a special order. From where I was seated, the cake looked as if it had been decorated with plastic flowers. As I approached the display case and took a closer look, I realized that the flowers were not plastic at all, but rather intricately piped edible flowers. The flowers were beautiful and looked so real...a true work of art.

      With respect to pricing, it seems that on average, the small cakes run about $16 and the large ones go for about $20. The tart was $14, but definitely too small for a large gathering. I would feel very confident about purchasing any of the cakes from Cannelle and serving them to my guests. Quality and pricing are not an issue at all.

      1. Thanks for the affirmations. I will try Canelle and let you know how it went.

        1. I was there today to try the place out and spoke with the owner with some cake questions as I am going to use them for my son's birthday in May. Tried the mini vanilla cake which comes large, this was fantastic, tried the choc mouse cake which comes large, powdery and light as a feather, delicious--the coconut pineapple looked very unusual, and the pear tart looked great. Prices were really low for that quality, --also bought some muffins to try,--chocolate eclair was delicous with choc cream inside, and choc croissant was EXCEPTIONAL, wow!---got a fruit tart and napolean and some croissant and apple turnover for a friend, will find out how they were...this place has beautiful stuff with quality ingredients...what a bizarre location though--and the girl at the counter needs to be trained--there was another guy that came after and was helping so maybe she's really the cashier, and he does the gathering of stuff because she was not too nice, and not terrible helpful, and the other guy seemed fine...anyway the owner was charming as could be...this place is a winner ---go, go, go--it is A+....why couldn't they be in Forest Hills or next door to Trader Joe's instead of Panera?????

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          1. re: janie

            Be thankful it's not too close. I'm a 10-minute drive from there, and at one point I was there every other day. I get their hot chocolate almost every time, and their cheese danish and bread pudding are excellent too. The price is more than fair for such quality.

            1. re: sharonj

              sharon, during the holiday season, I was there every single day. YIKES! It was pretty embarrassing, but I didn't care. :) I'm only a 10 minute walk away from them....deliciously and dangerously close! Nonetheless, I now try to limit my visits to the weekends and any off days during the week. I'm glad that Jackson Heights can claim Cannelle its very own!

              1. re: sandrina

                I live in Bayside and I still went back 3 days in a row after my initial visit :) Went this morning and picked up the Tiramisu, lemon Muffin and Flan. Never had the flan before but the specs of vanilla in it made it impossible to pass up.

                1. re: sandrina

                  I gained about 5 lbs. this month and I blame most of it on Cannelle. It's hard to not go there when I have friends and family who are always egging me on so they can hitch a ride.

                  I've tried out a majority of their offerings, but I really wish I got to try their yule log with fresh passion fruit. My friends couldn't stop raving about it.

                2. re: sharonj

                  I know what you mean---this morning I ate the banana walnut muffin and couldn't believe how dense and spectacular it was---as I was eating it, I was thinking about the choc croissant I had devoured last evening...this is a bakery that can just make you happy. Period.

                  1. re: janie

                    I stopped by Cannelle yet again this a.m. There was an absolutely gorgeous birthday cake waiting to be picked-up in the display case with the message "Happy Birthday Collette" delicately piped in script. It was not your traditional type of round cake...this was more of a very large pastry somewhat similar to a Napolean. Very original, and another work of art. Whomever you are Collette, I'm sure you and your guests are going to be very happy and impressed with your cake!

                    1. re: sandrina

                      I had a Napolean Cake at my sweet sixteen many years ago from a French Creperie and Restaurant in Hollywood/Dania they were from Bretagna (where they really know how to make crispy authentic crepes), and they made the BEST Napolean cake only on the weekends and for special occasions, the best cake I and my guests ever had, in fact all these years later, my family and friends still remember it.....Did the cake at Caneelle have the glazed icing top like their slices of Napol have or was it all cream on the top? Because all cream is better................I sent them an email with some praise last evening, because I couldn't get their choc croissant off my

                      1. re: janie

                        Janie, it had the white glazed topping, which made the writing look flawless. The topping didn't have the chocolate marking on it though. It was very smooth and resembled a mother of pearl finish. The cake and writing were very elegant in appearance.

                        1. re: janie

                          i made my first visit this early afternoon, and also saw the "cake" for Colette. beautiful as described above by sandrina -- with the sugar-icing top like the napoleans, not a cream-topping.

                          we brought home: ham & cheese croissant, chocolate croissant, napolean, and bread pudding. all are (or were) very good. was disappointed that the fig & hazelnut bread was sold-out, as that sounds wonderful. will have to go back, earlier in the day.


                          1. re: charlie_b

                            I wish that was my cake, but the cake idea for the birthday party was vetoed. Thanks for all the input from everyone. I definitely know where to go next time.

                            1. re: Joe MacBu

                              Awesome - the little chesesecakes are amazingly good - creamy not crumbly. The banana walnut muffin is flat out the best I ever tasted. The carrot cake is light and tasty. Only my second visit and already I'm hooked.

                              1. re: butterchicken2nan

                                Check out their pineapple/coconut mini cake. I'm not a pineapple fan, but it looked too interesting not to try and it did not disappoint. Their heated ham quiche is quite good too.

                                1. re: sharonj

                                  I picked up a 6 different cakes last weekend as a sampler for a dinner party. Everyone enjoyed everything, but this pineapple macaroon was the favorite, beating out the chocolate concoctions.

                3. Just bought the Chocolate Mousse Cake for a Chinese New Year's Eve dinner yesterday and everybody loved it. Well worth it as the prices are great for what you get.

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                  1. re: jza1218

                    I just bought the chocolate mousse cake and a small vanilla cake for a co-workers birthday. We usually do the ice cream cake thing from Carvel or Dunkin Donuts but the cakes looked too good to pass up and I want to support this place.
                    They were delicious! The two cakes disappeared in minutes. The mousse was light and not too sweet. I didn't love the cake but overall it was very good. Surprisingly I think the vanilla cake was the bigger hit because it was so light, you could really taste the vanilla and it was a change from the normal chocolate cake.

                    1. re: angmc

                      i just wanted to put in my high praise for cannelle. this one of the best places i've found via chowhound and wanted to continue spreading the word!

                      i've grown so tired of the bakeries in queens, quite frankly. sure, there are a few places that are really good at one specific item, but everything else would be completely hit-or-miss (err on the side of miss). for example, i love lulu's bakery in fresh meadows. however, not everything in there is good or fresh. i absolutely love their muffins, but once i got their mini-pastries and some of them were rotten. i liked the cake from bonnelle, but i'm hesitant to say it's the best cake i've had. i'll tolerate items from oasis and flamingo in bayside, but there is nothing at those places worthy of any sort of praise.

                      cannelle is honestly of a different caliber. every item i've tried there has been so delectable and made with such care. it's such a difference in quality from any other bakery in queens. i cannot even name a comparison in queens b/c it is simply that much better than the rest. i've had the carrot cake, black forest cake, vanilla chocolate cake, praline crunch, some form of milk chocolate lactee, and the coffee/cappucino. none of the pastries were over $3.00. they were all a perfect size - not too small and not too big. "quantity" seems to be the name of the game at a lot of bakeries to make up for the lack of "quality" - NOT the case here! the filling, the light and fluffy cake, the chocolate shaving on top, the designs - all top-notch.

                      in addition, the employees have been really helpful and friendly. they are honest about the items they like and which they think would fit your needs. sure, the place looks like a cheesy suburban mall bakery, but do not be fooled! the pastries are amazing. i'm glad i don't live too close b/c i would be there everyday, at least from my neck of the woods it's still considered a special trip.

                      i highly, highly recommend this place and i hope that this place sticks around for awhile. the place is way too big or something - as there's a lot of empty space, but there's always a constant flow of customers, which is a good sign.

                      1. re: Linda

                        I like the open feeling of the place, there needs to be a place for people waiting in line, and a comfortable distance between people sitting and eating...I think it works out fine....was there today, and got a bunch of I stated in another earlier post, I agree the quality is really exceptional, my favorites so far: perfect chocolate croissant, mini vanilla mousse cake, chocolate eclair, banana muffin, praline choc mouse cake, apple pastry, apple turnover, black forest cake....working my way to trying everyting.....would be nice however, if they'd put some chocolate coverered strawberries, on their cheesecake. --the pear tarts looks divine, although haven't had them yet..........only advice I'd offer them at this time, though is that I think they need to have one person as cashier, and 1-2 others that gather stuff--because sometimes it takes a bit of time to decide what to get, and when there starts to be a line, it gets a bit hectic and slows things down, and puts pressure on them to get the line through--it's also more sanitary to have the gatherers of stuff that wear gloves to handle items or use the tissues, rather than the person handling money and then handling food....more of some kind of an assembly system is needed for when it gets busier..

                        1. re: janie

                          A while back, I mentioned an organizational issue I noticed to the manager. There have been times when I've gone, and had 3 people tending to my one order when there is a line forming behind me. One will get my coffee. Another toasts the bagel, another gets the pastry. I just feel it's too many people taking care of one customer. Meanwhile, the line is getting longer and longer. I do think that the cash should be handled by one person alone though.

                          1. re: sandrina

                            I would mention it to the owner, Jean-Claude, he seems to appreciate his customers comments. One person to tend to the register is always better anyway, not only for hygiene but for responsibility for the cash drawer, too many hands in the register, and you end up with lots of discrepancies at the end of the day.

                            Also, there are a couple of girls there that could be friendlier, and smile more, while there are a couple other girls there that are very sweet. I've seen about 3 different shifts of girls, about 6 in total so far. There is one girl, very sweet, and very very pretty from Jamaica I think

                            Ran a very very busy retail business in the city for many years for pro photographers, and my 2 cents on how the place would function better is as follows:

                            --the problem is that there doesn't seem to be one person in charge there, they are sort of equally handling things,, and in any floor retail operation, no matter what the business, there needs to be one person overseeing everything, not in the back, #1 one person in charge directing and also promoting, and chatting the place up (could be the cashier or one of the other servers-items should be bagged and priced--so they can just see themselves what customer has and ring them up quickly), and 2-3 others, (#2, #3 one who makes coffee, refills the pastries, organizes the bread, etc...does other preparations, and serves customers), (#4 one who cleans behind counter, organizes, and cleans off tables for customers, replenishes beverage fridge, sweeps, mops, etc. This person would not do gathering, they would be responsible for restocking and cleaning of everything. ---------This would be the ideal setup, and the way I would get the place running smoothly.

                            Just had an olive bread for dinner, very good. Would actually make great sandwich bread for chicken salad (which I make from Pio Pio chicken and their killer sauce)

                            1. re: janie

                              oh, another thing - the place closes fairly early. 8PM on all nights, i think a bit earlier on sunday or monday, i don't recall which night. anyway, we were there the other night and people kept wanting to come in after 8PM. they were very nice about it and kept letting people in to buy items, but perhaps that could be solved by staying open until 9PM? 8PM just seems rather early.

                              1. re: Linda

                                i am still thinking about cannelle! i've vowed to bring all my friends there b/c i think it's THAT good. i recently tried the flan and tiramisu. i was suprised the flan was so inexpensive at $1.50 - but it was pretty darn good. the tiramisu was great also.

                                i also had the fruit tart - i thought it was good, but not as amazing as the chocolate-y pastries.

                                also tried some sort of vanilla mini-cake thing - it was very good, but not as amazing again as the cakes/chocolate pastries.

                                stick with the items that have chocolate! and cake!

                                1. re: Linda

                                  Make sure you get the creole cake, layer of white chocolate, choc mouse, choc ganache, and not sure what else, but unbelievable....

                                  1. re: janie

                                    oh gosh... i haven't even seen the creole cake there! it's always nice to see something different, though at this rate... i'm coming real close to trying everything there. ;-)

                                    1. re: Linda

                                      we didn't either until this past sat...I'm definitely going to get a whole cake like that for my son's b-day.

                                  2. re: Linda

                                    The bread pudding is also a fantastic value at 1.25 or 1.50.

                                    The only thing I did not like so far was the chocolate cupcake. It tasted like a supermarket cupcake.