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Jan 22, 2008 05:53 PM

best fish & chips

Where oh where can they be?
Think fish keg in Chicago.....
I am looking for breaded not battered
Thanks all!

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  1. Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica and Robin Hood Tavern in Van Nuys.

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    1. re: Bob Brooks

      are these places breaded or battered?

      1. re: girlwonder

        Ye Olde King's Head is battered and it's good (if a little thick on the batter) and the chips are great.

        Here is a prior thread on this subject that will give you a lot of places to consider. We tried the new place opened by Santa Monica Seafood on Wilshire Blvd. @ 10th Street and I was not very impressed. Kind of an off putting taste to the batter maybe due to the oil possibly.

        1. re: Servorg

          What is the new place associated with Santa Monica Seafood? Is that the 10th Street Cafe? Why have we not heard more about it?

            1. re: axeled

              The 10th Street Cafe is on the S/E corner of Wilshire at 10th in Santa Monica, in a former Carl's Jr., with parking in the back. It is indeed run by the folks from Santa Monica Seafood, and eventually is planned to be their new home. (Their current shop location is being taken over by some industry production house.) As now set up, 10th Street Cafe is fairly large but very basic -- you order and pick up at the counter and there are plenty of tables. Unfortunately, they use plastic utensils, trays, and squeeze-packet ketchup, and soft drinks are from cans. But that said, I've enjoyed the food very much. They serve spicy tuna burgers and fried calamari and the like for about $6.95, daily specials of fresh fish served with rice and veggies are about $13. I had a very delicious and satisfying fish and chips -- three discs of cod in a light very crispy batter, the fish juicy and not overcooked, accompanied by some thin fresh-cut fries and cole slaw, all for under $10. When they opened in the very late fall they closed at 6, when I went last month they had extended their hours until 7. Very friendly and accommodating service -- when I asked about their clam chowder they immediately offered me a small taste, and it was delicious, a must-order next time or on these cold, rainy days. While the place is a bit spartan, those dining when we had a late lunch seemed to enjoy the sense of a shared discovery. My understanding is that they will operate in the present form through the spring, then there will be a remodel to reconfigure and transfer the fresh seafood market, and then they will re-open as both later in the summer.

              1. re: nosh

                Thanks for the update. Had I know the connection, I would have tried the cafe a long time ago. I have family in OC and have always been a little disappointed that the SM Seafood down there has had a much better repertoire (lunch and dinner meals with sides, etc. and places to sit and eat. I have always claimed that the clam chowder at SMS is the best anywhere. I will be heading to 10th Street tomorrow to pick some up for dinner. I can't imagine how that is going to be a god location for there new digs, but it is closer to me, so I'm looking forward to it!

        2. re: Bob Brooks

          The best fish and chips is at Finns in Calabasas...only the Ivy in London is better and cost 3x as much.

        3. Whale and Ale... and don't forget the sticky toffee pudding!

          Tudor House sometimes has em

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          1. re: Emme

            I agree about Whale & Ale! But they have other great entrees too. I'll have to try out that sticky toffee pudding sometime..

          2. 26 Beach Restaurant is breaded with panko, I believe. Very good fries, I ask for crispy.

            1. I know this is going to sound nuts, and it definitely doesn't come with chips, but the best fried fish I have had in LA was at Michelia on 3rd near Cedars. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Perfectly crispy with a little bit of juice as you bite in.

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              1. re: danikm

                I've recommended Michelia's several times here before; unfortunately it is closed (or closing):


              2. Not breaded (breading is not the traditional recipe), but BEST fish n chips are had at Robin Hood English Pub in Sherman Oaks.

                Ye olde Kinge's head and others PALES in face of Robin Hood!

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                1. re: Diana

                  If you really want breaded, I would try Fish King in Glendale for their Crunch Fish.

                  1. re: Fru

                    I forgot about fish king but as I have said before; I am not looking for traditional. I am looking for breaded and fried fish. It brings me straight back to my days in Chicago while attending culinary school.
                    I would get a bag of what was probably scrod that was BREADED and fried.
                    It made studying fun. I am just looking for a version of it. Not the english pub style.
                    Too bad about Michelia's....

                    1. re: girlwonder

                      I think most chain restaurants do it breaded. Also, Barney's Ltd (not Barney's Beanery) in old town, Pasadena does it breaded. I don't like it breaded so I don't eat that there. But their turkey dip is sooo good.