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Jan 22, 2008 05:28 PM

Best butter available? Raw milk butter?

I amn ot sure what the stipulations are as far as butter is concerned....can it be made from raw milk and i so, does anyone know where I can find it?

Anyone have any suggestions for finest quality, ridiculously good butter?

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  1. Raw dairy products can be difficult to find depending on your location. Here in the Bay Area, I know Organic Pastures makes a raw butter in a tub, which can be bought at Falletti Foods in San Francisco. If this isn't available, I'd say the Straus or Organic Valley brands are second best.

    1. In NYC....I buy Pamplie. I also like the (cultured!) butter from the Vermont Butter & Cheese Company. In my opinion, these are the best butters ready available in stores.

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        +1. I switch back and forth between those two (I never buy salted butter). I remember some years back that French raw butter was sometimes available but clearly it's now impossible to import it. About the only place I can find Pamplie now at what I consider a fair price is Sahadi's, which necessitates leaving Manhattan but I don't mind.

      2. Organic Valley Pasture Butter is produced seasonally but I can usually find it year round. It tastes great and is healthy, too, because of the high level of omega-3's etc. from the milk from pasture-grazing cows.


          Oh, I love good butter.
          I am a big fan of this butter. They are sold at Murray's cheese shop.
          I also like Presidente brand butter as well.
          These butters are far more tastier than any US and Irish produced butters, imo.

          here is a good read if you are interested.