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Jan 22, 2008 04:14 PM

hound visiting vegas---and grandparents!

I live in chicago and my grandparents moved to vegas 5 years ago. I'm visiting them on their turf for the first time and want to take them out to a nice dinner. here are my preferences:

-$250/meal for 3 people--excluding any alcohol.
-a place where they would feel comfortable. they aren't "fancy" folks. they eat at cheap buffets and american diners. i want them to be impressed, but not feel out of place.
-location doesn't really matter. i would like to go to a show-y place on the strip, but one with great food, not just looks.
-a place that isn't too loud and packed. again, think comfort.
-any cuisine is fine. though, i think eclectic or upscale americana would be best.
-a place that takes reservations!

any suggestions?

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  1. Best burger I've ever eaten in my life was at the sidewalk cafe at the Paris casino. It had some chi-chi french food too, but we actually went back twice more for that burger. YMMV, of course.

    1. I would suggest Bouchon (Venetian) as a place that fits your parameters well. The food quality is outstanding, but perhaps best of all is the comfort of the setting. And either Michael Mina (Bellaggio) or his Nob Hill at MGM Grand can bring a comfortable setting with food that should work - they each have tasting menu's that your grandparents might enjoy (for anyone that likes the good old American diner, the mini-root beer float, on the tasting menu at M. Mina the last time we were there, is a fun take on a classic).

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        i agree completely with QAw...the setting for bouchon...even better in spring when it warms up and you can enjoy the garden area...and you'll easily stay within budget...although at mina's you might just squeak by on the cost...the area just outside mina's is quite a sight too...fleur de lys in mandaly might work...and make sure to pluck a few flowers off the wall...i'm not sure you can stay within budget at wynn....PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DROP THEM OFF IN THE FRONT OF THE CASINO ( bellagio and venetian ) otherwise, they are in for a long walk thru some potentially big crowds...

        enjoy !!