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Jan 22, 2008 03:42 PM

Kosher Pizza @ Woodmere Bowling

Rumor has it that a new Kosher pizza concession will be opening at the Bowling alley in Woodmere. Anyone with more info?

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  1. I requested information from Woodmere Bowling whether there is any truth to the rumor and was told "We have been approached with the idea and are in consideration"

    I think it is a cool idea, we will see.

    1. They have pizza there already, along with other menu items in a Hot Nosh vending machine. I tried the pizza myself and I got to tell you it tastes better than pizza I get in some pizza shops.

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      1. re: Bluchip79

        I hope the people, who approached the bowling alley were not from Pizza`Pious. Nice people, but their pizza is not that good.

        1. re: jeterfan

          I don't believe it is Pizza Pious related. I heard it is a man from cedarhurst who is opening in the alley and trying to place the vending machines in as many locations as possible.

          1. re: JS69

            I haven't bowled for a while. I will go there to check out the kosher vending machine. I think the kosher vending machine concept, if not crazy expensive, could work. I am happy for the increase in kosher Subways and Dunkin Donuts, but I realize that the vending machine concept is the only way to provide the kosher consumer with eating options when they go to major shopping malls, airports, hospitals, or business districts that for some reason have no kosher options (like downtown Brooklyn). I am tired of having the only option being junk food candy machines, soda and coffee.