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Jan 22, 2008 03:35 PM

Can this meatloaf be saved?

Well, I decided to make Mario Batali's stuffed meatloaf last night. It went pretty well, until the part where I had to roll it up like a roulade, and realized why it didn't have any liquid binder...I had missed adding the three eggs (oops! too many cocktails). By then I could have either just thrown the whole thing back in the bowl and ended up with something like a regular loaf instead of the baby spinach and carrots and cheese and proscuitto in the center.

I beat two eggs and spread them over the whole loaf, hoping it would work. Well, it tastes fantastic, but it's dry.

I have it wrapped tightly in plastic in the fridge, hoping that somehow the refrigerator spirits will magically moisten it.

All I can think to do is make a light sauce for it, someone has suggested a light fresh tomato sauce, but I'm not sure about that. Any suggestions?

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  1. I might cross-cut the loaf into pieces, sear them, and cover and finish with a white or veloute' sauce done with mushrooms. A bit heavier than the light tomato sauce--although that should work as well.

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      I think Sam Fujisaka is on to something delicious here. If it went into the fridge dry, it will come out of the fridge dry.

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        If we're doing meatloaf, why not drop back into the late 70s, early 80s craze and make a vodka sauce to pour over it? It should pair well with the cocktails that were served during the loaf's conception!

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      2. I'm sorry I don't have a solution, but was wondering the source of the recipe - is it from the Molto Italiano book, or another book? I didn't see a Mario Batali meatloaf recipe on the Food Network website.

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          farmersdaughter, it's in the "molto mario" cookbook.

          Thanks for the ideas all, I think I'm going to treat it like really good stuffed meatballs, on pizza, and in pasta, etc.

          the Veloute and Vodka sauces do sound good, and will be considered in the dispersion of this thing.