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Cleveland - Anyone Else Been to the Monastery?

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Just curious if anyone else has been to the the little tea shop called the Monastery on W. 25th in Ohio City. My girlfriend and I stopped in over the weekend, and while we enjoyed the tea and scones that we had (even though I was given a different tea than the one I ordered...), we felt that one of the two gentlemen running the shop was more than a bit obnoxious. We'd been looking forward to enjoying our tea and some quiet conversation, but it was impossible to do so when we were constantly being interrupted to be lectured/"educated" about tea, and having different tins of teas shoved in our faces to look at/smell. I can appreciate a business owner wishing to educate their customers about their product, but there's a line between sharing knowledge and being an arrogant know-it-all, and both my girlfriend and I felt that line was not only crossed, but leaped over. It was a bit off-putting, and even though we purchased some teas that are wonderful... I'd be reluctant to return for the above mentioned reasons. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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  1. One of my co-workers had a similarly "off" experience at the Monastery. I think their order came out incorrect as well, and he found the staff strange. I don't know if they assaulted him with assorted teas, however.

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      One of my co-workers went for a weekday lunch and was gone for 2.5 hours, which nobody was happy about. I just drove by there yesterday evening and it was completely empty; the concept must not be catching on, and the experiences people are having there don't seem to help.