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Jan 22, 2008 03:18 PM

Healdsburg on a Monday night? Cyrus, Dry Creek, Zin? Or something entirely different?

We will be in Healdsburg Sunday through Tuesday in early February and need a place to eat on Monday night. Eating at Madrona Manor on Sunday which we have enjoyed in the past. Neither recent review on Dry Creek, Cyrus or Zine sound promising. Have they become too "trendy" or "touristy". We do however like Gary Danko alumni cooking. Any recommendations on those three or others? Thanks!

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  1. One vote for Zin, which I have never found trendy or touristy, just seriously food-geek fare in a welcoming, reasonably informal setting. I've not eaten at Cyrus, which appears from their web site to be more upscale, and may be more of an "experience." But Zin hits me where I live, it just seems right to me, that sense that a foodie is running things. For calibration, I love Chez Panisse and here in Petaluma Central Market is my fave.

    1. Zazu would be a good choice.

      1. Dry Creek has been reported as having gone downhill... Cyrus is expensive if you don't know what you are doing (stick to the 3 course meal, focus on the Asian influenced dishes & skip the wine pairings)... Zin I haven't been too...its on my list... Zazu is not exactly Healdsburg its kind of between Sebastopol & Guerneville.

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        1. Jeff Moll at Zin specializes in updated comfort food (ie his daily Blue Plate Specials), and it's a favorite of the locals, which says a lot.

          And he uses fresh local ingredients, including produce from his own home garden. A very nice guy, too....

          1. Begin with a drink at Cyrus, walk to the Plaza, looking at the Charcuterie on the way to Bovolo, where starters can be ordered, after which, enjoy entree and dessert at Zin or Charcuterie. This provides a pretty broad view of what Healdsburg has to offer, as well as some fine food.