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Jan 22, 2008 03:18 PM

Comfort food in/around Hudson, MA

My father is celebrating a birthday very soon, and expressed an interest in comfort food when I asked him where he wanted to go out to dinner.

I'm at a loss for what to decide. I have my own selections of comfort food, but they tend not to be for something like a birthday dinner (Brew City in Worcester), and I also don't quite live where my father does.

I'm up in the Acton area, where the pickings are even slimmer, but at least a drive up to Nashua or into boston isn't too hard, and I'm more willing to drive a distance for good food than my father, and I'm also more willing to spend some $$ on good food.

I can probably get him to accept going to Worcester (though he still groans sometimes -- I don't understand!), especially since I'm pretty sure that we'll have to go at least that far for something good.

He's a meat-n-potatoes sort of guy, and the pretty-food concept will loose many points. -- Taste of food comes very first, and the look of the food doesn't have any impact.

111 chop house comes to mind, but alas, it's been there forever, and we've been there together at least a few times over the years. Is there something else?
Since it's hudson, we'd also be willing to travel, say, to Marlboro, and a bit into sudbury, and likewise north.

Will he be ok traveling into Boston or Providence (even with someone else driving?) no.
I wish! I'd drag him down to Providence anytime! I know he'd love the food choices down there! I still need to get down to Sienna.

Hoping some folks will have at least a few suggestions!
Thank you!

Oh, and I will be posting my views on Acton's "Cantonese Eatery" soon - when I get a chance (short answer -- quite good! great tea selection in addition to food, owner definitely has a passion for food).

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  1. As a visitor to that area, I have enjoyed the following:

    Willy's : I think it is in Northboro: great food and sushi as well
    Kennedy's : Marlboro (?): simply prepared fresh seafood
    Romaine's ; everything the offer is top shelf

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    1. re: TonyO

      I second Romaine's - love it there.
      Willy's is in Shrewsbury....

      Comfort food? Meat n' Potato kind-a-guy?
      I'd suggest the Wayside Inn in Sudbury... it's not cutting edge cuisine but the food is good and basic. You can't beat the atmosphere, after all it's the oldest operating hostelry in the U.S. Make reservations for the Tap Room, which is cozy (the big dinning room is an ark).

    2. If he is only a meat and potatoes type, the Wayside Inn would be a good choice. Make a reservation - earlier the better this time of year. The place is packed from 7-9pm most nights. (It's also not a place you will be in and out in an hour). Wayside's wine list has some of the smallest markups I've ever seen.

      Also in Marlborough there's the Wildwood steakhouse.
      Hudson you have Chloe's and Sophia's.
      Romaine's in Northboro

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      1. re: steve999

        He's tired of the Way Side Inn (He complains that the menu has never changed in the entire time I have lived).. but your other choices sound good!

        Personally, I would love a trip to Way Side Inn -- I love their tavern area -- nice n dark -- makes you really feel like you're in an old 18th century tavern.

        Hmm.. Willy's -- he might like that. Romaines would be a good choice, if he wasn't specifically asking for 'comfort food' (which I would, knowing him, define as not Italian) -- but it definitely is an option!

        Hmm Kennedy's -- I think once he poo-pooed it (not sure why!) -- I might be able to drag him there! :) I like the food there - though I've only been once, and long long ago.

        Wildwood is also a good suggestion -- I was thinking about that one before I posted for some ideas.

        1. re: Keithel

          For true comfort food, take him up to Groton and to Gibbett Hill. The drive up 495/119 takes a little while, but the food is definitely worth it. Honestly, it takes about the same amount of time to drive to Groton as it does to Worcester from Hudson.

          A little further of a drive - Restaurant 45 in Medway and Prezo in Milford.

          How about the Goldstar Restaurant or the 5 & Diner in Worcester?

      2. Id also suggest O'Connors in West Boylston--Quality food at a reasonable price and they pretty much specialize in Meat and Potatooes

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        1. re: hoffa2651

          Ooh! I think we may have a winner!
          O'Connor's sounds good to me...
          My sister just now is mentioning that my father doesn't like Irish food much..
          I imagine they have some non-irish food choices, but I suppose I should push it off for a non-occasion meal out :)

          Hmm I want to go there now :)

          1. re: Keithel

            Hidden away in Northboro is the Steakloft (369 W Main St). Great menu, and they'll customize your order if they're not too busy.

            1. re: Keithel

              O'Connor's offers a variety of foods not just corned beef and cabbage! We just took my MIL and SIL there for a lunch. It's a fun place and the service was great even though they were slammed. You can get just about anything you want there along with a huge listing of beers.

              BTW - I agree with you on the Old Bar at the Wayside Inn. It's like a trip back in time, especially when the Sudbury Fife and Drum are there playing on Wednesday nights.

              1. re: Lilibet

                I second O’Connor’s, however it get's PACKED so be warned. The quality and variety of food is great... you want comfort, get the Guinness Pot Pie, you can thank me later!

          2. Just thought I'd post a followup to this!

            Thank you to everyone for your suggestions, and I'll definitely have to try some or all of them in the future.

            I was amazed, but I actually got my father to be ok with going up to Gibett Hill.
            Turns out, the guy who rescued the farm, and has his relatives working there is a former colleague of his - way back in the days of Multics (timesharing operating predecessor to Unix), so he was curious when I mentioned it.

            Food was great, and the ambiance was even better!
            My sister got some wonderful steak tips that were flavored nicely from their marinade.
            My father and I got the prime rib -- I love prime rib, so I couldn't say no.
            My grandmother got the pot pie. The pot pie looked delicious.
            And to boot, they have Wachusett Country Ale on tap, which is one of my favorites.