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Aug 10, 2001 10:25 PM

another new Boba place on Sawtelle - Lollicup

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Another Boba place has opened up - actually on LaGrange, just off Sawtelle. It is right beside (west of) Mizu 212, the Shabu Shabu place. I stopped by last night after dinner at Hide. They have no seating, and it is hard to see it from Sawtelle, so I imagine they are going to have a tough time of it.

I had a green milk tea w/boba. it was very nice. The boba was big, chewy, and sweet, which is how I like it. They are running a buy one get one free for at least the month of August. The two guys running the place were really nice, and I like the name so I wish them well. :)

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  1. The boba place on Olympic and Sawtelle (Olympic Gardens) was closed the couple of times I passed by in the late afternoon. Took a peek but their was no note and everything seemed to be intact inside. Or are they just opened during the evenings now?

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      If you're referring to Relaxtation, it was open as of last Wed. evening around 6:30. I also tried a Papaya icy boba at the one in the same plaza as Hurry Curry (it has Volcano in the name). Also quite good.

    2. I went by last night--13 August. The two-for-one sale is on but I won't again take advantage of it. Lollicup is a Taiwanese company with over 100 shops in the renegade province and nearly a dozen here in America, including one in the San Gabriel Superstore. The selection is wide but the quality is low. Most drinks are far sweeter than the norm, the boba are chewier than I like them and the shop on LaGrange does not yet serve hot drinks. Volcano Tea is the best in the neighborhood. (The pudding at Lollicup is not bad, though since it is not julienned you are obliged to slice the cover off of the cup to spoon it up.)

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        Just curious, but does refering to Taiwan as a renegeade province betray a personal bias? :)

        I do agree about it being too sweet. The first time I went, I got a green milk-tea, and asked for it not too sweet and it was fine. I went back this weekend and got a coconut smoothie (no request for less sweetner), and it was sickeningly sweet. I like the cheweyness of the boba.

        Overall Bobaworld is my favorite, but parking in westwood village is too difficult.